Easter 2015

celebrations,waldorf learning and living,woolens | Saturday, March 21st, 2015

Re-useable Rainbow Felted Easter Eggs!! with wee chicks. $14 Message me to reserve or ship in time for Easter.

forest webs

adventuring & exploring,nature,seasons | Thursday, September 25th, 2014

time is fast

adventuring & exploring | Saturday, June 14th, 2014

just to show how out dated this blog is, compare my banner and this photo taken yesterday; same field, different wagon, more and bigger kids, natives in place of crocs…


day to day,learning all the time | Monday, February 24th, 2014

As We Are on Mondays features photos taken by all of us; them of me and me of them.

My time and attention on this space is shifting, initially due to facts beyond my own computer capabilities and I am disappointed with myself for relying on it and others. I’m real close to pulling out my film camera,  spending dollars on processing, keeping photo albums again which you might just have to come over to see over coffee and conversation. I’ve been “online” for a lot of years now; I’ve connected with some wonderful people, been inspired creatively, shared moments of my day to day in parenting mostly, stocked my small online shop and I’ve cultivated habits that have increased my screen time more that I know is good for me. I think it was Flickr that got me started and lately I haven’t kept up with their changes. It seems that many of us have strayed, found other communities perhaps. My casual facebook logins have increased in the past 6 months but I am also increasingly annoyed with the amount of weeding of content required to stay connected with friends and family there. Pinterest! Say no more, i’m in.  Instagram. The very word gnarls my grain. I thought I’d just dip my toes by posting a couple random photos and peruse in an otherwise fleeting moment. Inevitably I am treading Instagram waters. I’ve sort of lost focus. I think it’s happening with a lot of folk. These days I see the same images posted on blogs, flickr, instagram, facebook, pinterest… It’s redundant and I don’t feel like it’s connecting us as it maybe used to. What is the reason for the double, triple, quadruple postings of the same content? It seems like a reach but for what? I’m grateful for so much and overwhelmed at the same time. Everything in moderation right? The pendulum swings over a fine balance. Just noticing, thinking, pondering. What do you think?

January 2014

brothers,monthly | Friday, January 31st, 2014

The weather – it’s been a gorgeous month of blue skies and fog. We spent the first half of the month getting over colds 1 at a time and getting back out into the sunshine has been deeply nourishing. Our tree remains in the back alley along with the remains of last years – oops. There has been much knitting and story time. i am obsessed with making the Barley hat (ravelry). i’ve been perusing some textile design books and feeling the urge to try out some more dyeing and printing – at this point I’m just trying to use what supplies i have. What sort of craftiness are you folks getting up to these days?

No CaptionNo Caption

best Christmas gift – Little A’s woven basket. xxxxx this. 

basket woven by Arlo

i call this my little Geninne corner.

No Caption

a toe chilling beach morning;

No CaptionNo CaptionNo Caption

solar powered car;

No Caption

porch fishing;

porch fishing

a very January way of eating;

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my spelt soba noodles with watercress above is largely inspired by Harvest below where i have been lunching frequently this month;

harvest with Kachina

preventative measures in our battle against small pests;

No CaptionNo Caption

We were lucky to see the Nutcracker this Winter and both the music and dance have made a great impression on this little guy. We have daily Tchaikovsky dance sessions;

No CaptionNo Caption

i’m knitting a blanket to warm up our leather couch – 1 row at a time;

No Caption

quite possibly the sweetest moment of the month;

No Caption

Little A’s hat/cowl that he has been working on in his hand works class. so so proud of him!!

No Caption

kids art;

No CaptionNo CaptionNo CaptionNo CaptionNo Captionporch picnics;

No CaptionNo Caption 

idye grey and navy on hemp, linen and cotton – so fun, easy and satisfying;

No CaptionNo Caption 

Beautiful beach days with the 2 littlest;

No CaptionNo CaptionNo CaptionNo CaptionNo CaptionNo Caption

(a knit shot – he’s wearing his big brother’s hat here);

No CaptionNo Caption 

well if you made it to the end then thank you for being a truly committed blog peruser. I may very well be tapering off to 1 blog post per month that is limited in words and heavy in photos.

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