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sewing,shop | Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

clothe your little ones in layering panel dresses, flat front pocket cords and reversible trousers. The shop is updated also including knee patches, bloomers and big bibs;

Linen Panel Dress - Pink Bird 2/3yrsPocket Cords - 4/5yrsPocket Cords - 7yrsPatchwork Knee Patches - set of 2 blue brownLinen Panel Dress - Blue bird 2/3yrsReversible Trousers - Toadstools and Leaves 18-24mosBig Bib - Blue EtsukoPatchwork Knee Patches - set of 2 blue yellowPatchwork Knee Patches - set of 2 green

Beatrice May Beard’s Quilt

family,farmers,sewing | Sunday, September 15th, 2013

I never met my grandma (my mom’s mom) but i wonder about her and how alike or unalike we may have been…  My mom backed and tied this quilt top for me in my early teens that my grandma had made using small pieces of old clothing and donated pieces that they would receive in the mail from friends.No CaptionNo Caption 

i love the functional haphazardness of this quilt. it’s apparent that she was making use of every small bit of fabric that she had at the time, the pattern of the blocks determined by the odd scraps available.No CaptionNo CaptionNo CaptionSome of the patterns i’m sure are feedsacks. Others i think were worn thin and perhaps replaced or sewn over by my mom with fabrics apparently from another time – i’ll have to show and ask her some time. i see pieces that look like tea towels, some make me think of hankies or boxers and some remind me of the floor length gold curtains that hung in our orange shag carpeted living room.No CaptionNo Caption No Caption

I didn’t appreciate this quilt so much in my teens and i  tucked it away in my tickle trunk for a day far off into the future. It resurfaced on my most recent trip to the Okanagan as i attempted to finally free up the drawers and closet that were once storage of my neglected belongings. I’m happy to say that only 1 trunk remains (and my piano but that’s across the street at the neighbors). So the quilt has come home. it’s quite huge and the boys have used it to build forts a few times and we’ve bundled up in it, exploring the various patterns and textures, noticing the parts that were hand sewn and those sewn by machine, imagining my mom and her siblings once wearing the clothing that these pieces may have once been… DSC_6759edit.JPGNo Caption

trimmings and remnants

crafting,creative community,sewing,shop | Sunday, January 6th, 2013

to me from me

In an effort to destash and to make room for my most recent “Spring sewing inspiration splurge” i have put together several bundles of fabric from my overflowing trimmings and remnants basket. More recently i have been using these smaller bits for patchworking well worn knees. Other small project ideas include mini quilts, fabric covered buttons, mixed media artwork, pin cushions, lavender sachets, mini fabric garlands…please share your creative ideas!

trimmings and remnantsFabric Trimmings and Remnants - Blues - 9ozFabric Trimmings and Remnants - Reds 5ozTrimmings and Remnants - Yellows 5.5oz

a lull in the studio

sewing,shop | Sunday, August 12th, 2012

I am going through a summertime lull with the studio space and sewing projects. I glance at the shelves briefly each day and then head outside. Before getting back into things for Fall i thought i would clear the shop a little and so April listings are marked down 25%, May listings 20% and June listings 15%. If you’ve been on the fence then now is a good time to pick up a Summer crown or twirly skirt.

SALE Vintage Rose Kercief and Lace SALE Wool Felt Crown - Pink Nests and Flowers  SALE A Twirly Skirt in pink polka dot linen with owl pocket

SALE Twirly Skirt in Summer Blues  SALE Ikat Twirly Skirt with Little Red Riding Hood Trim SALE Wool Felt Crown - Boy at the Fence

SALE Wool Felt Crown - Blue Green Toadstools SALE Bunting Flags - Earthy Browns SALE Wool Felt Crown - Life is Beautiful     

For those of you already planning ahead for back to school clothes, keep it easy and just patch up those worn out knees. Each pair of patchwork knee patches is lined & quilted. The edges are serged so that you may quickly and easily pin them into place and sew them on either by hand or machine.;

  Patchwork Knee Patches - set of 2 Sunny   Patchwork Knee Patches - set of 2 turquoise blue Patchwork Knee Patches - set of 2 Red & Blue

umbrella prints trimmings competition 2012

crafting,creative community,sewing | Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

oh this was a fun game to play. i loved working on the various small projects. it’s amazing how many fresh ideas one can come up with using a small package of fabric trimmings… something for the bebe, toys for the boys, a little something for my studio wall, another little something for the mantle and some things for gifting;

umbrella prints trimmings competition 2012

juggling bean bag set of 3 – pattern by Denyse Schmidt;

Copy of IMG_8991beanbags.jpg

Copy of IMG_8995beanbags.jpg

crochet stone – pattern by Margaret Oomen with the addition of fan flower trimming which to me resembles a seashell;

IMG_8662crochet stone Apack.jpg

crochet stone au verso (in case you were curious) along with a set of 3 discards. Trimmings are sewn on heavy card stock bordered with a letterpress herringbone pattern (herringbone is one of my all time favorite fabric patterns especially for my older boy’s pants);

Copy of IMG_1809discards.jpg

Copy of IMG_1795discard.jpg

multimedia embroidery hoop. Little A and i each carved a cloud stamp to print alongside the beautiful grey cloud trimming i received. smaller trimmings were used to patch a cloud and the embroidered bird design comes from an awesome umbrella print! i may add more to this over time but here’s how it hangs for now;

Copy of IMG_1764embroidery hoop.jpg

Copy of IMG_1768embroidery hoop wall.jpg

buttons! so useful and unique to accent a clutch purse (pattern by Amy Karol) or pin cushion (sorry no photo) or for a little one’s cashmere cardigan;

Copy of IMG_1776buttons on clutches.jpg

Copy of IMG_1787buttons on sweater.jpg

big bib and baby cotton waffle blanket with patchwork details;

Copy of IMG_9829umbrella prints bib&blanket.jpg

Copy of IMG_9173waffle blanket.jpg

Copy of IMG_9166waffle blanket detail.jpg

Copy of IMG_9184waffle blanket.jpg

all used up! fingers crossed that my images are pinned over at Pinterest – i’m eager to win more umbrella prints for my stash! Voting is from June 1st-7th. The person with the most repins from our Umbrella Prints Trimmings Competition board will be the Peoples Choice WINNER!


Thank you Amy and Carly for the inspiration. it was super fun and i look forward to seeing the other entries.

edit –  i didn’t realize that i could only submit 1 photograph for pinterest so here’s some resized;

Copy of LittleRedCaboose1edit.jpg

Copy of LittleRedCaboose4edit.jpg

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