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artful projects,celebrations,crafting,gifting | Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

Later this week we will pick out our tree. In the meantime the elves are gifting greens and other green things are finding their way into corners of our home during this week’s Advent celebrating plant life;

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i’m super excited about these hanging terrarium and air plant gifts this year – i made up some extras for my own home;

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Little A’s keeper;

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my fave; 

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i’m also excited but also rather nauseous from too much nibbling of this year’s peppermint bark. i’ve packaged them up and i’m moving them out! Gifts are making their way out early and on time this year;

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We got our first snow and it didn’t melt in 1 day as city snow often does;

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the boys had a project play date with our neighbor downstairs and came home bearing gifts;

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it’s all going on and yet feeling relatively low key – no complaints.


artful projects,brothers,day to day,seasons | Monday, October 28th, 2013

Both my kids have been sick this past week, each with their own unique symptoms and they bounced back so quickly. Now it’s my turn and ai! it’s hit me real hard. My weekend was a blur of chills, fever and deep aches. We were meant to do some baking and carve the rest of our pumpkins – maybe tomorrow. We’ve done well so far  already;

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They both put great effort into their colorings to win a Halloween basket from our local market. The older boy was so encouraging and the younger boy so proud;

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Looking forward to feeling better to enjoy the last days of October.


artful projects,crafting,learning all the time | Thursday, September 26th, 2013

Little A is totally immersed in Kathryn Lasky’s Guardians of Ga’Hoole series;

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following suit in awe of feathered friends;

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i’m inspired by Andy Goldsworthy’s nature inspired artwork and find myself chaining leaves around the city parks with my side kick. it’s meditative in moments of waiting and i love the temporariness of them. also it’s fun to observe others delighted by them;

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patterns and patience

artful projects,learning all the time,parenting | Saturday, July 13th, 2013

Well his patience exceeds mine today that is for sure!! I admit I was really really hesitant when my 9 year old picked out this bead loom with his birthday gift certificate. The recommended age on the box is 8+ but I have clear memories of beading on an identical loom that my mom gave to me in my early teens. I was so immersed in it that i spent some lunch hours beading in the hallways of school and I recall that it was intricate work. I can be a patient person for such tedious projects and thoroughly enjoy it. I think people often thought of and perhaps still do think of me as a patient person but i feel far from it these days and especially this morning with both boys demanding my undivided attention. In my opinion it was not feeling like the right morning to learn and teach how to bead on a loom and yet “no” didn’t seem to be an answer well received and so even though i said “after my coffee” i began setting up the loom while sipping on my coffee…sigh. Anyhow, he’s rocking the bead loom with all of it’s tedium and intricacies. Volatile as 9 years old can be, especially concerning me and his brother, he holds ample patience for such craft. Ummm i hope he feels inspired to make one of these for me;

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into the tents

artful projects,playful | Sunday, December 30th, 2012

well if my recent back injury didn’t make me want to work on my core strength, this sure did! i love cirque de soleil.

cirque de soleil.jpg

(leanne’s photos)

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