into the forest

for a dose of vitamins C, K and Manganese – the littlest one ate a pint and a half of salmon berries! Let’s hope both boys have sufficiently boosted their immune systems so they won’t catch the nasty head cold i’ve been rather grumpy with this past week.  Despite my bubble it was a lovely afternoon in the forest;

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Dr. Thara

whole food and healing | Friday, February 22nd, 2013

i heard “What mommy?” about 100 times these past few days before i realized that his ears were so blocked with wax that he likely couldn’t hear very well. i tried homeopathic silica but i’m talking serious wax – like i don’t know how or why his body made so much…

what mommy?

…so off to Dr. Thara for a little ear exam , lavage and balance play. Vancouverites may find the playful, knowledgeable, respectful, awesome with kids and families,  Thara Vayali ND at 213-1529 West 6th Avenue. Explore her web page here.

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parenting,whole food and healing | Friday, November 9th, 2012

seriously! my little guy had us all in ER at children’s 2 weeks ago when he split his noggin to the bone on our couch (the same corner he knocked his tooth loose on some months ago). he was so unbelievably brave through the entire experience. man! he blows me away. still he continues with his rambunctious ways as though nothing ever happened and i feel a whole lot more cautious on his behalf.

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7 stitches ( i can’t help feeling like i could have made some nicer stitches);

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this guy

scarred and unphased, healthy, happy and super tough;


hypericum perforatum

I first came to know it as St John’s wort and associated it with herbs to treat depression. i know it  now as an invasive plant and i’m planning to make use of my foraged noxious weed in a “feel better balm” along with comfrey leaves, calendula flowers and plantain in beeswax and olive oil. my hands tend to be dry this time of year so i’m sure a little of this will be soothing and i intend to tuck a little jar of it in my aspiring home apothecary for the treatment of superficial burns, inflammations, insect bites and other minor injuries;

hypericumCopy of DSC_5822beeswax.jpg

red clover – trifolium pratense

Susun Weed’s wise woman herbal claims it to be the single most useful herb for establishing fertility. It pairs with red raspberry leaves which is well known to me as a uterine tonic. I have been in the habit of gathering and drying raspberry leaves for years now and find they are best picked before flowering when the leaves are green and tender. For a nourishing blood tonic tea i like to mix red raspberry leaf, red clover, nettles, alfalfa, go ji zi, rosehip, hibiscus and sometimes a touch of mint. Something i didn’t know about red clover is that it includes virtually all trace minerals. Anyhow the bees like it (as do little wee snails and other small crawlies);

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I pick them as i find them and dry them in a brown paper bag kept in a cool dark place before storing them in mason jars;

triofolium pratense

Steeped with red raspberry leaves – the pink came right out of it;

Copy of DSC_5800clover&raspberry leaf tea.jpg

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