Winter Sale

shop | Sunday, December 15th, 2013

From today until December 22nd enjoy 15% off at Little Red Caboose shop using the coupon code WINTERSOLSTICE2013 at the check out. xo.

order today and i’ll do my best to get your gifts and stocking stuffers in tomorrow’s post!

Baby Alpaca Gnome Hats for babiesClutch PurseMerino Snowcap - 1-2yrsPatchwork Knee Patches - set of 2 greenMini StockingWool Felt Crown - ApplesLinen Lavender Sachet - set of 2

styles for little loves

sewing,shop | Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

clothe your little ones in layering panel dresses, flat front pocket cords and reversible trousers. The shop is updated also including knee patches, bloomers and big bibs;

Linen Panel Dress - Pink Bird 2/3yrsPocket Cords - 4/5yrsPocket Cords - 7yrsPatchwork Knee Patches - set of 2 blue brownLinen Panel Dress - Blue bird 2/3yrsReversible Trousers - Toadstools and Leaves 18-24mosBig Bib - Blue EtsukoPatchwork Knee Patches - set of 2 blue yellowPatchwork Knee Patches - set of 2 green

woolens in the shop

shop,woolens | Monday, November 25th, 2013


Oh deer, mitts and scarf set 2-4yrsBaby Alpaca Gnome Hats for babies

inspired by the Waldorf Christmas Fair

celebrations,playful,shop,waldorf learning and living | Sunday, November 24th, 2013

It was so awesome and magical. Every year i think i will skip the market and just wander around to take more of it in. Sorry no photos! i can’t believe it. I also can’t believe that i haven’t been outside yet today! It’s gorgeous and yet i have been in the land of photo editing and listing for the shop and there is still much more to come. For now, amongst other items, i have put together a little playscape for the upcoming first week of Advent when we will celebrate the creation of minerals, stones, crystals and bones;

Underworld Playscape

do the Halloween fairies visit your home?

celebrations,creative community,seasons,shop | Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

It’s October! costume planning is under way, bold hints of the holiday are apparent (there’s a giant masked skeleton looming over the doorway just a couple of streets over) and curiosity abounds, “i wonder what the Halloween fairies will trade this year!” Each year the boys gather ridiculous amounts of candy door to door in our neighborhood. From the loot, the older boy chooses 12 pieces (1 for each month of the year) and the younger boy has yet to discover what is actually in those wrappers (i fear this year he will learn that there’s more to those smartie “shakers”). The remaining loot is left out for the sugar fairies to come and trade. Their gift baskets usually include honey sticks, gum, dried fruit, a new toothbrush with toothpaste, stickers and small gifts to suit each boy. I am happy to say that this works brilliantly for us and is a fast and easy way to put away that huge amount of tempting no good for you sugar and who knows what else is in there. I highly recommend sugar fairies! and to inspire or get you started  i have listed several Halloween Sugar Fairy Gift Baskets in the shop.

Halloween Sugar Fairy Gift Basket - Leaves

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