summer summary thus far

adventuring & exploring,beaches,day to day,music,nature | Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

with such a delayed start i feel myself holding fast to summer before it is too soon over. little bits that make me smile;

lupines & buttercups

boys in buttercups


summer toes

June skies...

a day in the yard

keeps on raining raw milk strawberry ice cream

it's dangerous owning a donvier

company for the weekend


folk fest


m's first folk fest

it seems i haven’t much time for words these days.

festival goers

music,playful | Monday, May 18th, 2009

We love the Children’s Festival despite the $expense$ and poor weather all week long. It is especially fun when friends come along to join in being both entertained and overwhelmed.

festival goers by you.

I don’t know why but Salty Sam is the highlight for Little A. The seagull is what he remembers, what he looks forward to and today he braved a high 5. I’m certain he’ll talk about it for months.

salty sam at a distance by you.

Amongst the regular stilt walkers and dressed up folk were a couple of hobbits who i thought were quirky and brilliant.


I came across this older photo of a small fire we built while waiting in line at the festival last year.

No Caption

sun and good things to eat

me oh my the sun did shine all weekend. We hit 2 farmer’s markets. Just because. i’m sad to say that the strawberries came and went all too quickly this year and the peas are soon to follow though we do have some of our own growing in the yard. i hold a sweet childhood memory of my mama sending us off to the garden to pick lunch into our skirts. Peas were my absolute favorite garden delight. The fields are ripening now with raspberries & blueberries. Okanagan cherries seem abundant despite odd Spring frosts…Alistair found some sweet wee zucchinis and well, the market is just getting exciting now. Petunia and the Loons put a big fat smile on my face . i’d like to hire them to play at my porch party (tba-ha!).

Petuniaporch snacks

Though i usually save ocean adventures for week days when other beach combers are at a minimum (i am a super beach hog. i want it all for myself) we wanted to go on some sort of exploration with out committing to a big drive out of the city so we hit trail #3 out at UBC with our good friend S. The stairs to and from are as exciting as the rocks we long to bring home.

beach snacksrocky

Hope you all had a swell weekend.

Folk Fest

music | Monday, July 16th, 2007

When the sun is shining and the days are full it’s challenging to get back here and write it all down. Sometimes there’s just too much living going on to break the flow. There have been many half thoughts & random photos selectively deleted in their incompleteness and so i predict the flow of summer blogging to continue in this manner. We’re just having too much fun!
We spent much of our weekend at the Folk festival where i was so very happy to finally see Awna perform not only in 1 but 2 bands!! She rocks along with the other talented gals she shares a stage with. I’m so proud of you girl! What a long way you’ve traveled from our wandering VW adventure and busking outside liquor stores. it was cooking hot and your voice gave me goosebumps.

Salt (soon to be Sofia) and Po’Girl

The whole festival scene was somewhat overwhelming for Little A despite his love of banjo, accordion and most other instruments. We found ourselves quickly retreating for some quieter beach play;

No CaptionNo CaptionNo Caption

My hands were too full to capture a shot of my hungry boy in full tantrum soon after waking from a nap cut short by drumming sounds reaching their way to our shady sleeping spot. He was denied a boobie and the Rocky Mountain flatbread that i was so sure would appease him was apparently cut wrong and he didn’t like it so much that he had to scream it over the sweet singing and guitar playing nearby. We soon made our way away from the glaring eyes and gave the crowd some peace.

i will leave you with some sweet shots and in wonder; How could such sweetness ever pull a tantrum?

No Caption4No CaptionNo Captionbakerman2

oh wait, i nearly forgot; our market totes have been put to use!! Our local market had a very successful first day and we will be making a weekly trip of it!

No Caption


music | Saturday, June 2nd, 2007

Some photos from Bjork last week at Deer Lake Park; i won’t say much for the opening band but Bjork rocked and little A loved her too. He headed right up front for a better view with Auntie (she’s so cool!).

No CaptionNo CaptionNo CaptionBjork

After the Children’s Festival last week and after the need to leave a show early due to overwhelmed little ears it was recommended by a friend to buy some ear muffs before the bigger and louder concert. He wore them all the way home in the car pretending to be the weed eater man but when it came time to protect his ears forget it! In the last photo above you can see me holding my hand over his ear. Here he is today listening and not listening to cars driving by;

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