tree time

brothers,celebrations,parenting,seasons | Friday, December 13th, 2013

one year i would like to choose and cut our own tree and i do love the idea of renting a potted tree for a couple of weeks but here we are again, without a change of plan, picking out our tree city style. Little M totally put me in the mood. He wore that beard for 2 hours straight;

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i opted for the less manicured Charlie Brown tree this year but Little A was set on choosing one of the largest trees on the lot – the first choice was so fat it wouldn’t even fit in the tree stand ( i am relieved that we checked before hauling it home). finding the “perfect tree” was a serious task and he found it;

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with “yes” as my mantra; yes i let Little A choose the largest possible tree. yes i hauled that heavy tree into our living room. yes i somehow got it standing straight with 2 very differing opinions of straight being imposed upon me whilst underneath it. yes i strung the lights and garlands in as little time as possible so that the very excited and anxious boys could hang the ornaments before bed time. yes we ate muffins for dinner. yes we decorated our tree listening to the Ventures greatest hits. yes our tree is magnificent.

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we have some very sweet hand mades from over the years adorning our tree but i think this post it note paper chain is my favorite!

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patterns and patience

artful projects,learning all the time,parenting | Saturday, July 13th, 2013

Well his patience exceeds mine today that is for sure!! I admit I was really really hesitant when my 9 year old picked out this bead loom with his birthday gift certificate. The recommended age on the box is 8+ but I have clear memories of beading on an identical loom that my mom gave to me in my early teens. I was so immersed in it that i spent some lunch hours beading in the hallways of school and I recall that it was intricate work. I can be a patient person for such tedious projects and thoroughly enjoy it. I think people often thought of and perhaps still do think of me as a patient person but i feel far from it these days and especially this morning with both boys demanding my undivided attention. In my opinion it was not feeling like the right morning to learn and teach how to bead on a loom and yet “no” didn’t seem to be an answer well received and so even though i said “after my coffee” i began setting up the loom while sipping on my coffee…sigh. Anyhow, he’s rocking the bead loom with all of it’s tedium and intricacies. Volatile as 9 years old can be, especially concerning me and his brother, he holds ample patience for such craft. Ummm i hope he feels inspired to make one of these for me;

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brothers,parenting,the 52 project | Monday, March 4th, 2013

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9/52 – if you followed along last week then you will understand this week to be a snippet of some of those “other” times we experience around here.

Little A – you have had this bear blanket since before you were born. it was made by Grandma D and it’s always on the top of the cozy pile for you. Yes this is “your” blanket but do you really have to make so fine a point of it?

Little M – you are in the midst of the stage when everything is “mine”. This triggers your big brother to prove you wrong. yes you may have a turn but please don’t grab or hit.

out takes;

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“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013.”

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littlest ones

It was a smooth week back in the groove with the littlest A after 6 weeks off for holidays and back-strain-healing-time. She’s walking and talking and ever so grown up and the 2 little ones got on all week without any hair pulling;children's workprotective eyewearcousins making coffeeNo CaptionNo CaptionNo CaptionNo Captionsunny daythis is how we do nap time. indeed she is crashed out with her little paws over her eyes and Little M is getting so fast on his bike; how we do nap timeNo CaptionNo CaptionNo Caption


parenting,whole food and healing | Friday, November 9th, 2012

seriously! my little guy had us all in ER at children’s 2 weeks ago when he split his noggin to the bone on our couch (the same corner he knocked his tooth loose on some months ago). he was so unbelievably brave through the entire experience. man! he blows me away. still he continues with his rambunctious ways as though nothing ever happened and i feel a whole lot more cautious on his behalf.

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7 stitches ( i can’t help feeling like i could have made some nicer stitches);

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this guy

scarred and unphased, healthy, happy and super tough;


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