August 2013

oh August i think you might be my favorite month so far this year – sunshine, peaches, road trips, lake swimming, ocean views, tenting in thundershowers, visitors and gatherings…

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Adam & Lene visiting from Denmark;


we met 23 years ago – our grandmothers were good friends;

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our home away from home for much of the month of August;

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biggest cousins; 

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establishing their own easy going rules;

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me & M go way back to 1980;

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flickr friending face to face – it was so amazing to sit and have our coffee together in person and watch our not so little boys become fast friends too;Ella&Michelle

last of summer days with 3;

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and now we scoot right into the September’s back to school rhythm and routine…


smiley faces and selfies

beautiful people,Okanagan | Thursday, August 15th, 2013

A big part of this trip was to include reconnecting with familiar faces as i most often do when i return to my home town but this time coincided with my 20 year grad reunion! ack. i am happy to say that we are all as gorgeous and young as we always have been. haha! So fun to see all those beautiful genes passed on to the wee ones too.

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all of these edited photos are credited to Tracey and her kids. This big smile shot makes me laugh and think of our moms who planned for us to have braces together;

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soul sistah xoxo;

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photo credit – Rio;

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xo M you are a total catch and your children are gorgeous too;

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a couple of many goofy shots sent home to papa;

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heading back next week for more love, sunshine, SUP and peaches!

saturday beach fog chili and simon says

after a good 15 minutes Little M stood with his arms out, holding the view and declared “a new one!” meaning the beach.

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a dense fog engulfed chilling us enough to set us in motion homeward.

leavingNo Caption

“pick me up!”

IMG_1087 - pick me up

we returned to a warm home, bath, no nap and invited Auntie L and Littlest a over for some chili and a game of Simon says.

visiting – Okanagan part 5

beaches,beautiful people,family,Okanagan,travels | Monday, September 3rd, 2012

while it was ideal to have our own space to retreat to across the way at the neighbors we looked forward to spending our days with family, friends and neighbors. My sister’s little family came out for a few days, my childhood babysitter stopped in, i met my brother’s little boy, neighbors came for dinner, various friends met up with us down at the beach and papa bear flew out to meet us for the final weekend and the road trip back home. it was just the right amount of time each alone, together and with others.

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(Leanne’s photo);

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(next 2 photos are Leanne’s):

No CaptionNo CaptionNo CaptionNo CaptionNo CaptionNo Captionlittlest A and LNo Captioncorn

intended for the road but eaten long before;

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i interrupt the documentation of our 5 part summer vacation in the Okanagan to acknowledge month’s end. August has been so very full of all good things and fun events and we have been in good health to take it all in!

croquet classic;

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sweet celebrating with our friends A&R. xo;

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pie party to celebrate B’s last day of 5+years at the cafe – 11 pies to send her onward onto mat leave;

pie party

we were invited to the PI that i have often heard talk of and it’s more charming and beautiful than i imagined;



sweet resting spot

the island so close;

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the boat coming to take us away;

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(leanne’s photos);No CaptionNo CaptionNo CaptionNo Caption

farm visits;

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farmer’s market raffle winnings! food is such a good thing to win;

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reaping abundance from the Okanagan;

reaping abundance

home grown tomato squish;

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some local tourism -i wonder how many photographs i will have just like this over the years;

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my kid is stinking cute yup. getting himself a penguin painting at the aquarium;

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back to the Okanagan diaries tomorrow…

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