beeswax & mason jars

crafting,gifting,learning all the time | Thursday, December 12th, 2013

i re-found this nice big chunk of bc beeswax that i had stashed last year and in good time soon after i resisted splurging on some mason jar candles at the recent Portobello West (a local holiday market) where they were in abundance. i had originally planned to melt the wax into teacups but the ‘made in England’ teacups i wanted from the local thrift shop were $14 each and i just couldn’t get beyond that. (Someone should explain to the Salvation Army that they are not antique dealers and remind them that they are selling donated items).  i’m certain there are all kinds of tricks and tools in candle making but all i had was impatience and gusto along with a pot & tin serving as a double boiler and an old broken tip knife designated to beeswax projects. i chiseled some smaller chunks with hammer and nail, used paper clips to weight the wick and Little A cleverly rigged me the clothes pegs holder once i realized in the middle of the making that holding each wick by hand and waiting for the wax to dry wasn’t going to work as it does with the smaller walnut votive candles. 7 jars later and i still have a mass of beeswax – looks like we might have another day of candle making in the near future…

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grandma P’s perfectly cracked walnuts ready to become candles. this is another sweet idea using walnut shells that i’ve got “pinned” for future projects. 

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Little M’s idea and photo of me;

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seasonal projects

artful projects,celebrations,crafting,gifting | Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

Later this week we will pick out our tree. In the meantime the elves are gifting greens and other green things are finding their way into corners of our home during this week’s Advent celebrating plant life;

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i’m super excited about these hanging terrarium and air plant gifts this year – i made up some extras for my own home;

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Little A’s keeper;

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my fave; 

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i’m also excited but also rather nauseous from too much nibbling of this year’s peppermint bark. i’ve packaged them up and i’m moving them out! Gifts are making their way out early and on time this year;

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We got our first snow and it didn’t melt in 1 day as city snow often does;

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the boys had a project play date with our neighbor downstairs and came home bearing gifts;

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it’s all going on and yet feeling relatively low key – no complaints.

hand in hand

artful projects,creative community,gifting | Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Thank you for the kind comments from my last post. I’m between recovery and a few steps back with symptoms swaying pendulum like.

That’s it for my complaining now as i have more interesting things to share; feeling exposed and humbled, i was going to let news trickle out but i’ve decided to embrace the great learning experience that comes from my first book contribution alongside 19 other inspiring and creative mamas; Nicole Spring of Frontier Dreams, Carly Schwerdt of Nest Studio, Maya Donenfeld of Mayamade, Samantha Cotterill/ mummysam, Amanda Blake Soule/ Soulemama, Kristin Zecchinelli/Mainemomma…that’s a lot of mummy, mama, momma and there’s more! Thanks to Jenny Doh for the opportunity and to her team for colorfully bringing it altogether.

Hand in Hand:: Crafting with Kids is available here to pre-order and available in book stores April 01st.

hand in hand:: a giveaway

admiring a favorite project. Both boys were very excited to see us in the pages but i’m not sure Little M recognizes himself. He just points out mama, brother and baby;

admiring a favorite project

color inspiration;

color inspiration

wet felting;

felting hands

follow other instructions in the book and voila;

nature corner

make plenty for Spring nature table displays and gifts;

project felt flower bowls

Little A and i would like to gift one of our Felt Flower Bowls along with a copy of Hand in Hand. Leave us a comment and let us know what are your current or go-to favorite craft projects to work on hand in hand together. We’ll choose a name by number order of comments on Sunday evening April 01st. (will post winner on Monday)

and our chosen person by number  is Kate (#42) who said;

“Oh how lovely, congratulations! Right now my older son (age 3) and I are doing a lot of paper mache and he also likes to pretend to knit when I am. Isn’t thrilling to see our little ones creativity come out?

I can’t wait to see the book!”

Thanks for all of your comments and creative project ideas with your own kids. Kate, please let me know your mailing address.


gorgeous bohemian yellow

gifting,sewing,woolens | Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

awhile back i was in a local fabric shop picking up some bamboo fill and instead came across these prints that made me think instantly of my friend J and her growing belly. i had no plan whatsoever but i picked some up for the stash and waited for an idea to come. you know how that is right? maybe i’m totally off about these colors but as far as i know Jodi from reading her blog and peeking through photos of her home, lifestyle and family, these colors and prints fit my mind’s idea of her – gorgeous bohemian yellow. initially i thought i would make something for herself but as the many coordinated fabrics piled up to be quick change trousers i decided her soon to be born babe would be the recipient of gorgeous bohemian yellow quick change trousers. in the end i love them on my own babe. i hope they are as sweet on hers.

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for J i’m sending her the super soft alpaca cowl that i worked on during my hours in the parent room;


crafting,creative community,gifting | Monday, December 28th, 2009

from 1 – 86, the little one picked the number 60.

Matryoshka Doll - Malka

Malka will be mailed within BC to Tai and her 2 boys over at Small Wonder. it’s been such a long time since i’ve spent time perusing blogs, linking here and there getting lost and led to further inspiring sites. From Tai’s own inspiring blog i’ve tucked away a link to Enki Education for future thought and reading, i signed up (finally) for a year’s subscription to Living Crafts and i discovered Molly’s super sweet and awesome beeswax acorn tutorial. i’m certain there’s much more to explore so thank you Tai. Please send me your mailing address (my contact info is on my “about” page).

ps. a little sweetness over breakfast;

whispering secrets

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