42+ weeks and just fine

family,full bellied | Sunday, August 7th, 2011

mama and bebe are still growing beautifully. (all i had was my iphone to take photos)

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auntie’s hood;

auntie's hood

he’s got 1 green side, the rest to be continued…

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framed in auntie’s kitchen is one of my most favorite photos of Little A. i really see Little M in him here;

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softest pillow ever – i had to take M’s shirt off so he could really experience it;

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grandma P has arrived so we’re looking forward to some adventures with her this week.

great expectations

beautiful people,full bellied | Thursday, July 14th, 2011

finally! some belly photos to share of my gorgeous sister, her beau and their “little creature” as they so lovingly refer to. All photos credit to their friends from Jonetsu Photography – such a beautiful series of images.



that’s my little niece or nephew in there! i’m so happy they have decided to wait and discover the sex of their bebe – one of life’s greatest surprises. is it possible to be more excited than i was during my own pregnancy? soon soon little one.





see more and read more here.

in the forest

full bellied,parenting | Thursday, May 13th, 2010

are you guys tired of seeing my belly yet? i made a vow to document this 2nd child as well as little A’s days…so far so good. these photos are from about 2 weeks ago (photo credit and copyright Leanne Pedersen Photographers).

every day i’m finding more things to do over again, thinking this will be the last quinoa salad i make, the last load of laundry, the last big grocery shop, the last sweep under the bed, the last pair of knit soakers, the last time i clean the toilets and the tub…it could be; i’m full term (i guesstimated within a week and the last day of that week passed), baby has finally dropped right on to my cervix, i’ve had a couple nights this past week of that wavy crampiness, boobies are full of colostrum and i’m in the zone with acute hearing and sense of smell. i’m finally enjoying the fullness now that birthing is near. i’m often quiet here, sharing the good stuff, but the past months have been a challenging time for me, both physically and emotionally. i’ve got some blessings going into this birth that are real treasures and for that i am grateful, hopeful and a little more centered.

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i continue to nest, preparing for diaper duties;

diaper duties & diaper free

picky pants on ravelry;



while i’m planning to co-sleep i’m also hoping to get more use of this cradle. it was a hand me down from little A’s aunt & uncle and his slightly older cousin spent some time rocking in it too. i finally finished quilting the sunday project – yay!  i also found a BC made mattress that is 100% certified organic hemp/cotton twill & pure eco grown wool batting complete with puddle pad. it turns out that Tracey is also good friends with Fabs who made us little Nukey in the cradle corner who may be the babe’s first little love. gotta love how small the world is.


so until i figure out how to update wordpress and make this blog private or until i can’t stand being away from here… thanks for visiting. i’m on my way to motherland of a newbie & near 6 year old. eeeek.

May days around here

artful projects,full bellied,parenting,playful | Tuesday, May 11th, 2010


5+ years later

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it finally feels like May!

weaving his way round the web


i'm his mama

the henna experiment

artful projects,full bellied | Friday, May 7th, 2010

i’ve never attempted a henna tattoo and neither had Shael but she free styled me an awesome lotus belly. good thing it was a gorgeous sunny day, warm enough to bare skin all day.

henna experiment

i hadn’t counted on waiting 5 hours but in a way it’s good to have a real slow day. There’s been much knitting and lounging and Little A is big time into Pippi Longstocking (edited in parts).

pippi, knitting, waiting

i like this shot little A took of me today and i like my new tattoo too;

henna experiment

anyone up for a pedicure? i’ve never had one of those either. any local recommendations?

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