wandering skipping little gnomes

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into the forest

for a dose of vitamins C, K and Manganese – the littlest one ate a pint and a half of salmon berries! Let’s hope both boys have sufficiently boosted their immune systems so they won’t catch the nasty head cold i’ve been rather grumpy with this past week.  Despite my bubble it was a lovely afternoon in the forest;

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bunnies and black birds

we went looking for bunnies and they seemed to be expecting us.  i noticed some new signs not to feed the wildlife. i never considered the older signs meant the bunnies too but i agree they are too well fed now with so many people visiting over the months in the past few years. it seems some people have gathered more than their dandelion greens and carrot tops and have been dumping the contents of their compost bins near the bunny mounds which in turn attracts more rats. ew. so we may take them a token green in the future but aim more to respect the signs and wildlife.a.bunnyNo CaptionNo CaptionNo CaptionNo Captionm.

the red winged blackbirds seemed tame too, landing in open empty hands. the boys loved this so much and spent a good long while “tricking” the birds.

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 i love this park during the cooler months. 

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mosey and plod

he might have stayed in for a nap but our friends told us about these cool “water pausing” icicles overhanging the sandy cliffs at the beach that we decided to post pone the nap and go for a mosey and plod oceanside. it was so worth the wander since we don’t get to see  icicles like this very often in the city;

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