beeswax & mason jars

crafting,gifting,learning all the time | Thursday, December 12th, 2013

i re-found this nice big chunk of bc beeswax that i had stashed last year and in good time soon after i resisted splurging on some mason jar candles at the recent Portobello West (a local holiday market) where they were in abundance. i had originally planned to melt the wax into teacups but the ‘made in England’ teacups i wanted from the local thrift shop were $14 each and i just couldn’t get beyond that. (Someone should explain to the Salvation Army that they are not antique dealers and remind them that they are selling donated items).  i’m certain there are all kinds of tricks and tools in candle making but all i had was impatience and gusto along with a pot & tin serving as a double boiler and an old broken tip knife designated to beeswax projects. i chiseled some smaller chunks with hammer and nail, used paper clips to weight the wick and Little A cleverly rigged me the clothes pegs holder once i realized in the middle of the making that holding each wick by hand and waiting for the wax to dry wasn’t going to work as it does with the smaller walnut votive candles. 7 jars later and i still have a mass of beeswax – looks like we might have another day of candle making in the near future…

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grandma P’s perfectly cracked walnuts ready to become candles. this is another sweet idea using walnut shells that i’ve got “pinned” for future projects. 

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Little M’s idea and photo of me;

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seasonal projects

artful projects,celebrations,crafting,gifting | Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

Later this week we will pick out our tree. In the meantime the elves are gifting greens and other green things are finding their way into corners of our home during this week’s Advent celebrating plant life;

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i’m super excited about these hanging terrarium and air plant gifts this year – i made up some extras for my own home;

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Little A’s keeper;

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my fave; 

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i’m also excited but also rather nauseous from too much nibbling of this year’s peppermint bark. i’ve packaged them up and i’m moving them out! Gifts are making their way out early and on time this year;

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We got our first snow and it didn’t melt in 1 day as city snow often does;

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the boys had a project play date with our neighbor downstairs and came home bearing gifts;

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it’s all going on and yet feeling relatively low key – no complaints.


artful projects,crafting,learning all the time | Thursday, September 26th, 2013

Little A is totally immersed in Kathryn Lasky’s Guardians of Ga’Hoole series;

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following suit in awe of feathered friends;

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i’m inspired by Andy Goldsworthy’s nature inspired artwork and find myself chaining leaves around the city parks with my side kick. it’s meditative in moments of waiting and i love the temporariness of them. also it’s fun to observe others delighted by them;

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new knits

i love my cuppow (if coffee really must be to go). i prefer the child’s size for coffee and chai and the larger size is good for smoothies on the go. i’m not a huge coffee cozy/cuff/sleeve fan because it makes the whole cup larger in my hand and while these ones i knit up also add to the girth i am still rather smitten with their raw silk and wool tweediness (i think i just made up that word) that i just might actually use one.

IMG_0178 - tweed cuffs

i do love a small project and these were fun to try out some new knit stitches. from left to right; waffle cuffcorrugated cuff and left out of phase cuff.

DSC_6517 - tweed cuffs

trimmings and remnants

crafting,creative community,sewing,shop | Sunday, January 6th, 2013

to me from me

In an effort to destash and to make room for my most recent “Spring sewing inspiration splurge” i have put together several bundles of fabric from my overflowing trimmings and remnants basket. More recently i have been using these smaller bits for patchworking well worn knees. Other small project ideas include mini quilts, fabric covered buttons, mixed media artwork, pin cushions, lavender sachets, mini fabric garlands…please share your creative ideas!

trimmings and remnantsFabric Trimmings and Remnants - Blues - 9ozFabric Trimmings and Remnants - Reds 5ozTrimmings and Remnants - Yellows 5.5oz

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