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sewing | Monday, April 30th, 2007

Sometimes i feel that there is so little time to craft, play, mother, work and especially for my ever growing list of regular logins. This weekend i did it all but not without help – Grandma P came to visit, play, bake biscuits, join us at Waldorf and give me a break.

i’m mostly excited to have pulled out the sewing machine again and i’m really excited about this scarf which is a gift for my niece’s 18th birthday. i was so indecisive about the colors that i even called her mom and in the end i love it and think i might have to make another. i mean we bought the same pants and top last time we shopped together so why not have matching scarves? i’m feeling like a really geeky aunt. i just hope she loves owls, matryoshka and polka dots as much as i do;

here’s another gift project for sweet little Keigen with room to grow;

Sunday we checked in on a family climate change event at the Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. i was delighted to see so many familiar faces and especially to see this little man all grown up. Hiya Shore! i love that he’s wearing a scarf that my little A wore when he was that size. Spread the love baby!

some pizza love;

Thanks B from Natural Pod for letting me know about this event!

Thanks mamamia for visiting!

oh what a busy day

playful | Friday, April 27th, 2007

To start, we slept in and nearly crossed the line to Ridiculous Rushing from our more usual Comfortable Cruising. Alas, we arrived on time to our much loved music class. This is our 5th round of sessions and while one participating in the class might not be able to tell that little A enjoys these classes immensely it’s what he brings home that makes me continue to re-register. In class he is seemingly shy, clinging to me and more of an observer of the singing and the playing and the dancing. This is a class where parent participation is mandatory and i must admit that in the beginning i was a little intimidated to get down and silly with a group of new parents with their kids but it all makes sense and as a parent i do it because when we’re home and with friends i get to really see little A’s love and appreciation for music. Here’s some older photos from his 2nd birthday party when he handed out instruments to a group of 20 or so instigating a marching band throughout the house and front porch. i have so many gleeful photos of Arlo but in this first shot i see his serious music face and i wonder what synapses are going off in his little brain when he’s in his music trance. In class our teacher offers that he’s taking it all in and learning rather than performing and showing what he already knows. photo credit to Leanne:

No Captionmarching bandArlo&Sandra

After attempts to put the little munchkin down for a nap i left him with his papa to sleep in his stroller and went to work. i have not been working a whole lot these days but when i do go i really love it and i realize that there must always be a time and place in my life for my practice. For those of you who don’t know, i share a space with another Doctor of Chinese Medicine in a Midwifery clinic. It seems that it’s been years that i have been slowly building my practice and finding where that fits in with being a full time SAHM. For a long time i’ve been saying that “i’m just starting my practice” and while it may be a start in the big picture it is what it is and i am grateful for the pace which allows me to spend the majority of my time with my little bean. i love that i am self employed and i love that most of my clients are pregnant or trying to conceive or new parents. It ties in with my own parenting and doula work and photography of bellies, births and babies.

Enough about me let’s talk about friends. Little A must have thought it was his birthday as 1 by 2 by 1 by1 by1 his favorite friends rang our bell, arriving with sweets and smiles and playful moods. We gathered for one final play date before bidding farewell to our much adored playmate and neighbor. C will be returning once again to Australia tomorrow’s afternoon. The months will be long before we play again and we look forward to it. All or most of these photos were shot by C. i can’t be sure as it was an evening of many cameras and everyone here is a photographer.

No Caption

No CaptionNo CaptionNo CaptionNo CaptionNo CaptionNo Caption

it’s late or early. i slept and woke up and need to sleep some more.

putter stash inspire

crafting | Thursday, April 26th, 2007

it keeps on raining and i am in a quiet mood and actually enjoying some quiet time as the little bean naps. i love that he’s nearly 3 and still naps! i was up in the wee hours puttering about, pulling out fabrics, stacking piles, playing with ideas……so many ideas in need of time and space to transpire but then it’s so easy to sit myself down in this comfy office chair and peruse other crafty blogs…i can’t remember where i read it but there is news of new Heather Ross fabrics coming soon. This excites me! horses, matrushkas, fly jars and frogs! They aren’t posted on the Freespirit site yet but you can be sure that i’ll be checking.

i have yet to use the new VW fabric i picked up last month as well as the gnomes and other hippie hues.

i’m a stasher! i dream of a room with ample shelving to display my lovely fabrics…a room to inspire great things…alas it’s time to get off my arse and make something. Felt balls are so simple and satisfying to make;

not sure what will become of these little hand stitched, wool stuffed, vintage winged, felt birds – perhaps a mobile;

oh and here’s something complete and ready for delivery. Gretta was sewn long ago and more recently turned, stuffed and detailed for a little gal’s first birthday. They have yet to meet. She is made of linen, stuffed with organic wool, her dress is cotton and her Mary Jane’s are 100% wool felt;

What’s a post without a little peek from you know who?

anyone home?

nature | Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

the sun stopped by and invited us out for an adventure. We squelched through mucky mud along the trail to the duck pond. This is one of my favorite spots to play with the little munchkin where i love to see what things in nature become his toys and games. ah it was so nice to be outside after many days in my bubble.

a teetering totem

No Caption

little moons, a new tote & chasing symptoms

whole food and healing | Sunday, April 22nd, 2007

The little boy likes to eat the first bite of everything. This includes the tips of all the strawberries. After the first bite they are then sliced and to his delight “there are little moons in there”.

uh oh! i recycled a paper bag that was a very important pretend shopping bag and do you think i had an extra bag laying around to appease? no! but i did have this small canvas tote on which together we cut and sewed a red apple. whew! The market play may continue…

The ear infection persists despite the plethora of remedies. The tylenol that i took the other day made me feel 100% free of pain making it easy to carry on with a regular day but less aware that my body was still fighting an infection. i overdid it and was overwhelmed the next day with several new uncomfortable and unsettling symptoms. i have been sitting on the fence with an antibiotic prescription and while last night i felt rather desperate for relief, this morning i was confident again in my herbs and homeopathics to do an overall better job of healing. i thought to myself that they may take longer and it’s rather a dance chasing symptoms but then health is a commitment for which i must take time. And now again as my equilibrium wavers and my hearing impaired i am quite ready to admit that it has gone on too long. i shall be complementing medicines.  i really hope for my sake and the sake of you readers that this is the end of my woe is me posts.

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