summer babes

playful | Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

Little A is really enjoying the beach play this summer. He loves to roll in the warm sand and prefers these sun warmed puddles over the cooler waves. We’re so happy to have our friends home from Switzerland!! (We’ll see you guys in passing in another week and hopefully get to celebrate our babes birthdays together in some way).

gifts for new baby girls; Savannah Sky

and Hillary


family | Sunday, June 24th, 2007

The sun has been peaking out here and there today so we took our chances and headed out to Westham Island to pick some berries. So delicious! and seemingly just in time – i hear thunder (i wonder if this storm will stir a little Hillary into the world?). i love returning to Emma Lea’s for berry picking each year. Call me nostalgic but i don’t think i’ll ever forget that i came here to berry pick in the very early stage of pre- labor, feeling mild contractions as i squatted here and there…i didn’t pick for long and nothing progressed till the next morning…yadda yadda here we are 3 years later picking berries;

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Days have been full and we have been visiting with various friends before we get ready for a week long visit in the Okanagan where it is full on cherry season! This may or may not be the last post for the next week+.

Little A had his last swim class in Parent&Tot and he’s moving along to Starfish. I can hardly believe that he can nearly swim alone (and that soon i will get to knit or stitch while he’s in class). We have been swimming here since little A was 7months. The classes have been quite amazing and if it weren’t so heavily chlorinated i would rave some more about it.

We joined our friend and neighbor in search of tomato plants which we found along with basil, thyme, parsley, rosemary, strawberries and shiso!!! mmmmm. There has been little need to water as the rain has returned. Our front steps are looking green.

and on a crafty note; Heather Ross West Hill fabrics are out and everywhere and mine have been ordered!!

hello summer

beaches | Thursday, June 21st, 2007

Happy Summer Solstice everyone. We are feeling the heat! We have some beach play to catch up on so i’ll say very little and share some recent photos.

leaping & bounding at Trout Lake;

Nature’s A is for Arlo;

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blue sky morning;

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the days

day to day | Tuesday, June 19th, 2007

It’s early. i like to get up, have my decaf and catch up with emails and blogland in the wee hours. i haven’t peeked outside yet but there is a faint glow beyond the blinds and i do believe there has been a change in weather!! Finally! it’s been soggy and wet and nearly more than i can bare for summer time despite how green the gardens grow. Much of the weekend was spent indoors with books, paints, puppets, playdough…..other than a quick before bed visit to the duck pond;

No Father’s Day photos to post here. It’s funny how these special days in honoring the parents are really not about what the parent wants at all when the littles are so little. Little A was so excited to deliver breakfast treats in bed…who could resist such a lovely very early wakeup? “papa do you want to play hide and seek with me?”

Happy Birthday to our little Okanagan friend Lucas!!! i know we missed the party but i hope his little goodies (bunting below) arrived in time for his bday today.

In spirit of the cooler Spring weather we’ve been having there are Big&Little scarves in the shop;

The urban chicks have grown on me especially toned down with the cotton linen.

We’re off to a first dentist appointment later this morning. Wish us luck and little trauma!

moods and eating

whole food and healing | Saturday, June 16th, 2007

blah! That’s my word of the day so far. i’m ready to feel the warmth of summer and rain is predicted for yet another weekend. The new farmer’s market i was so excited about for which i rushed through making my new tote  actually begins NEXT month. Oops! Little A and i ventured to the library and book store this morning where he had a full out tantrum; kicking, screaming, crying, yelling…hanging off my body to carry him when i was already overloaded with pack, library bag full of books, umbrella and pull toy which he had long given up pulling. It was an awful scene. Should i have dropped everything to cater to his needs? Was i a big meanie to say “yes you can walk”? Seriously it wasn’t far even for little legs but how i wish i had packed along my ergo carrier and some snacks to prevent this. In retrospect i realize that his blood sugar was low. This boy was in need of some slow burning protein to curb the mood swing. Feeding my toddler has been full of challenging phases and recently he’s preferring sweet things. i’m all for eating the berries and fruits while they’re in season but how do i balance the fructose? The snack plate has been working well for us;

This is apparently an exciting new way to eat for a picky eater….little bits of this and that. The yogurt raisins and banana chips seem to always disappear before the cucumber and carrots but he comes back between playtimes to snack it all away. This seriously saves me from trying to prepare what always seems to be the wrong thing and sometimes i can get him to try new things when it’s just a wee bit mixed with other things he likes. What makes this work is that the plate stays on the table and what’s left is the option for when he’s feeling snacky again. Sooooo who has some never fail healthy snacks they’d like to share? i’m especially open and in need of protein tips.

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