more matryoshka!?

shop | Thursday, August 30th, 2007

i have been home from my Salt Spring Island adventure for several days and am happy to have received a number of requests for more dolls. I have been overwhelmed with my new fabrics taking a long time to choose but finally cuts have been made and the dolls are in the works. Thank you for your comments, photos and requests. A new batch of dolls will be available in the shop the 2nd week of September. I will be more specific closer to the date but for now i’m off to catch a ferry for another summer holiday. Enjoy your weekends!

sweetest of sweet wedding ceremony

celebrations | Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

Congratulations D&L. It was a perfect and beautifully sweet wedding ceremony which made the long wait and minor detour worth getting there and away. What a gorgeous gathering place, delicious meal and truly lovely couple.

i love this shot;


day to day | Thursday, August 23rd, 2007

We were in Bellingham overnight to visit family. i like hanging out in Fairhaven when the sun is shining and Little A also thoroughly enjoyed the day.

washing in the fountain;

For the past few months i have been shipping fabric to my sister’s place to save on shipping and it was better than Christmas picking up my loot!

i am spending most of today washing, ironing, folding and loving every moment of it. Don’t pinch me.

favorite birdslaundry day


parenting | Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

i assumed i would breastfeed just as i assumed my babe would be born at home. i did not anticipate mastitis 7 times nor did i realize how exhausting and drained i might feel. i curse those fuzzy soft lit angelic images you see of a mama and babe nursing. That’s not real! at least not for me or most moms i know nursing their first newborn. it was downright painful, irritating and awkward and i think normal. i was well educated in pregnancy and birthing well before and when i conceived but i never paid much attention to breastfeeding until the milk flowed (or stuck). i am lucky to have had the resources and supportive community (see discussions/finding your tribe to connect with your own community!). Not for a moment did i ever consider not breastfeeding but the support and reassurance was just really nice and helpful. i thought that i would nurse my son until he was 2. That was the goal. Through many breastfeeding phases it was a relief and finally enjoyable when my newborn boobie monster grew to be a gentle, respectful nursing toddler and so we continued on and on and on. He recently turned 3 and we are still nursing. In the past few months and with thoughts of conceiving another i have been feeling quite “done”. i look back on this experience with Little A and i feel grateful and proud. These little boobies have made a lot of milk. i have had some anxiety about weaning but as we are in the process i’m feeling that it is all in good slow time and going both smoothly and gently. Last night and a few other random nights we decided not to have milk to go to sleep as usual. He cried for only a moment and said “but we have to every nighttime!!” so we talked about it as we have been more frequently….i tell him i want for him to have milk too but that slowly i am making less and less and soon there will be none. He realizes that i’m on his side and he calms. i massage his back, we hold hands and rather quickly he falls asleep. In the night when he wakes i have been telling him that i am too tired to nurse and that i need sleep. He’ll yell at me for 10 seconds and then he’s fast asleep again. i am so ok with that. i have been getting more consecutive hours of sleep than i have in 3 years though i still wake in the wee hours and get up to putter about some. i’m feeling good.

This shot cracks me up – breastfeeding in the early days;

Thank you

whole food and healing | Monday, August 20th, 2007

everyone! for your comments from yesterday’s post. We are all fine and dandy here now. Little A is completely unphased. Traumeel works brilliantly and the swelling and bruising is healing well. My mom was in town for my cousin’s wedding so she was around to help while i hopped along.Thank you all for your kindness.

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