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waldorf learning and living | Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

When Little A was first born, our birth attendant handed us a book and said “if you read only one parenting book read this” and it was Magical Child by Joseph Chilton Pearce. It was far too intellectual for my baby brain in those first months but it is a book i pick up from time to time that i feel could make the world a better place. I have yet to read his new book; The Death of Religion and the Rebirth of Spirit. This was the basis of his lecture and workshop this past weekend. i was only able to attend the final 2 hours of the workshop where he spoke mostly of the heart brain/neuro-cardiology… i missed too much but what little i heard was so very inspiring and Joseph is a sweet and intelligent man, easy to follow. Alistair was able to attend the whole weekend and updated me some with his notes. He came home and nearly deleted all movies and tv as a result of feeling creatively inspired. Tv is a big issue that i have written of a couple time already and each time i revisit it is plain and clear; tv is not healthy for our littles growing creative minds!

Some photos from yesterday – slingin his wee friends and playing with the new oven insert (a trade with friends);

kitchen playnew oven insert

not a Hallow’s eve post by any means but Little A is getting ready for his first trick or treat experience. i’ve got yogurt raisins, banana chips, goji lollipops, stickers…we’ll see if i can hold him off the other fancy and ever so enticing packaged goods.

fabric, trim, buttons & hot coco

crafting | Friday, October 26th, 2007

Sewing machine update; Bernina is alright. i got her back a couple of days ago and after some bobbin case tension adjustment and other fine tuning she is running smoothly. i am holding off on the new Pfaff until further research is made. My mom recently brought up the Husqvarna Viking machines made in Sweden and i must say i am impressed. So more research and reading for me as i continue to push Bernina to her limits. She’s so awesome! i have a stack of dolls cut and ready to sew for the shop and for Maternal Creations Arts and Craft Fair. i’ve got crowns cut and sewn in various stages for a special order and i hope to have more for the craft fair also. It’s a busy crafting time and i am so completely inspired by recent additions to my inventory. Some snippets;

avorite fabricsas excited as i am

rolling in lovely fabricsskip the wash ma put em on the shelves

i followed a friend’s tip to try out a delicious hot chocolate at the new 49th Parallel location on 4th. Yummy! Little A would only stir his…didn’t like the brown color. i love the blue and brown. We were so well coordinated with our Cat in the Hat book;

a walk, a trip & a short visit

day to day | Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

Yesterday was gorgeous and sunny after days of rain. We went walking around the duck pond with friends.

looking upS

i wonder if an Autumn bride left this bouquet after a photo shoot.

i was in Bellingham on the weekend for my nephew’s 6th Birthday! His was the 2nd birth i ever attended. Pretty special. i can’t believe that i didn’t take 1 photo the whole time i was there. oops. Must have been all the rain that kept my camera in it’s bag. Of course i stopped in at a favorite toy store to restock my felt supply. i also took advantage of our $ at par and bought some books. Well actually i bought quite a few books;

The Crafter's Companion: Tips, Tales and Patterns from a Community of Creative Minds

Simple Sewing with a French Twist: An Illustrated Guide to Sewing Clothes and Home Accessories with Style

Last-Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts

Oh and i got to see some lovely friends that i have not seen in a long long while. Their little Sailor is so cuuute! i am so grateful for internet communication.

daydreaming and carrying on through the rain

day to day | Friday, October 19th, 2007

Daydreaming of my new machine which i hope to buy next week. i still need to decide between the quilting and the fashion styles but i’m sooooooo very excited. i’m spending my crafting time cutting into fabrics and revisiting the button tins;

Before my sewing machine got all fussy and demanded servicing i finished these 2 book totes for my nephew’s birthdays. No they are not twins. In fact there are years between them but i like this fabric for all ages. I’m second guessing the white canvas… what was i thinking? Anyhow too late to make something else. Each is filled with age appropriate books. One so great we bought a copy for ourselves.

Rain rain go away Little A wants to play;

i can’t complain really. It has been awesome this Fall and i think i wouldn’t mind the rain so much if i had proper attire (which i do not). We were caught in the rain on our walk this morning and i realized with the skies all grey the leaves are all the more vibrant.

looking up;

and down;


shop | Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

I hope you aren’t too bored with my matryoshka updates because i have another. These are what i work on throughout my days in various stages. i think my favorite part is choosing out the fabrics and since i finally bought myself some new scissors i loved the cutting stage – even the muslin lining. i have so many projects started that are taking over what vacant space we have and so i am quick to sew up those smaller pieces to make the stacked piles a little less cumbersome. The round faces i stitched here & there, out & about. i love having a project on the go and it’s been so beautifully sunny on my front porch that i have found myself sitting there many days while Little A “mows” the lawn. I remember when i first started using wool some years ago i really disliked the smell of so much of it around me but i have come to love and appreciate it. i can’t believe i ever used polyfil. Yuck. The wool is quite a lot more expensive but so worth it. It’s natural, softer, it doesn’t crunch when you squish the doll and it feels so much better on my hands when i’m stuffing. Little A has abandoned the doll making project to play with his own things; trains, blocks, puppet shows… He’s more into his own projects which gives me more time to myself and my own play. We check in with each other frequently. i am still following through with his idea to place a bell inside the belly of each doll. They are nesting dolls after all. Thank you again for all your lovely and positive comments. The requests for dolls have been a tad overwhelming but i so appreciate it. I am currently working on more dolls for a craft fair at the end of November and i hope to make enough for everyone who wants one for Christmas gifts. Let me know who you are. I have new fabrics coming in very soon!!!! and more of my favorite matryoshka fabric. So here they are – new gals in the shop;

Vladmira is moving to the UK;

Svetlana is moving to Brooklyn, NY;


Katerina & Laryssa are both headed to California;

Galina is moving to Maine;


Dominika is moving to New Jersey;

Agnessa is moving to Montreal;


Stefanya is headed to Lewisville, Texas;

Natascha is traveling to Portugal & Zoya will be moving to a new neighborhood in Vancouver;


Thank you so very much for all the positive communications and please do send photos of your wee ones with their dolls. It truly makes my day!

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