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shop | Thursday, November 29th, 2007

Sweet gals for the shop. 5 of the 9 are stuffed with this lovely light and soft organic wool from a sheep farmer in the Okanagan. i love this but it is limited.

A favorite granny babushka – Nona;

blonds – Toshiana and Arisha;


Miloushka and Ksana have matching body fabrics but different hair colors and other parts. They also have a super cool tag. i think i will be adding this tag to dolls in the future.


i had stashed the lovely Ruslana away at the craft fair thinking that i would keep her for myself but we have 3 dolls already and i’m making room on the couch for others who may come. She’s one of the 5 who is stuffed with organic wool and i love love love her yellow honeycomb head. To her right is the super cool Radka. i love her pink and green;


Yalenka is also available and believe it or not there are a few more in need of stuffing so they may appear before the holiday. We’ll see…

i also want to share with you some of my etsy matryoshka faves. This is adorable paper from enna.

matryoshka wrapping paper

sweetest magnets from here;

Russian Doll Clover Rainbow Flower Magnet Set Russian Doll Ladybug Bug Magnet SetRussian Doll Cherry Magnet SetRussian Doll Bird Bow Heart Magnet Set

i’m so bummed that i missed out on this and anyone looking for blank nesting dolls to personalize may find them here;

The wool felt Crowns have been a great success and i will continue to make them both for my shop and for Natural Pod. Thank you to everyone who linked me to the “etsy picks” the other day and for some extra crown love. Thank you! You are so sweet.

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family | Tuesday, November 27th, 2007

Being partnered with a cafe owner we end up here at some point of nearly every day for coffee, steamed rice milk, butter croissants or spelt pastry apple pie… We’ve got a stash of books, toys and spirograph in the office for mornings like this. Yesterday was a family gathering before my mom hit the road for back home. i could have hung out there all day drinking coffee after delicious coffee.

secret handshakeGrandmaP

My boys reading the good stuff;

After weeks of asking Little A to be patient with me while i was preoccupied with sewing tasks i felt that i wanted to do something with him that he would love – baking with sweets. Oh it was crazy fun but i realize that children have no boundaries in their passion be it for the love of chocolate or tv. Almost as delightful as it was having cookies in the house, it also created much argument. We have decided to take the gingermen to the cafe so that we may have treats there instead of here. Then we can get on with our home life without continuous requests for sweets. We have enough picky food issues without the sugar. He’s real proud of these though;

In place of sweet baking we’re going to aim for once a week baking with friends. Today it was pizza – enough dough for 4 large pizzas, enough to eat for 2 families and enough to freeze extra. i love how soft and stretchy pizza dough is. We used mostly white flour and some whole wheat but i would like to experiment with spelt. On the list; breads, crackers, tarts…it’s a great idea to share a kitchen for such projects. 2 moms, 2 kids, 1 big mess that was relatively easy to clean up and more importantly bellies full from homemade, well except for my kid since he’s experimenting with his control and not eating (other than heritage o’s). I’m trying to be ok with it, to trust that he will be ok as long as i offer healthy food choices (unlike the cookie experiment above) but it’s stressful when i know he’s cranky cause he’s hungry and he won’t eat. Just a note – i was exactly the same as a kid. I did purchase this book and while i haven’t looked through it thoroughly i’m pretty disappointed with it. i should read more before giving it a bad review but i was turned off by the lack of whole grains, the use of peanut butter, low fat dairy products, cooking spray, margarine and the use of microwaves. i’m more of a this kind of wannabe cook. i bought that book too. Anyhow, the pizza today was good and the baking a blast, complete with crown and aprons.
little pizzas pizza dough

On the topic of crowns there are many in the shop. i will add more as they sell. Scarves are coming soon for adults and littles and eventually more dolls…


creative community | Monday, November 26th, 2007

Craft fairs are a lot of work in making, planning, executing. Thank you for organizing this fun event where i was able to sell alongside talented and crafty mamas. it was successful enough despite my ridiculous expectations and most of all it was fun. There were many slow traffic moments when i would look around me and see mamas with knitting needles sitting, standing, with babes slung all the while knitting. The mood was casual and cozy and dig our set up for both days.

setup day 2to hang

I loved to see everyone’s handmade items in real life rather than in photos. Little Bird Designs sweetest aprons and hippest totes;

Little Seedlings had a beautiful set up which i did not capture but i brought home some goodies which will find there way imaged here soon;

Kiki’s felt! I think everyone oogled over these gorgeous kimonos;

Every craft fair brings forth new meetings and connections. Kiki is a talented felt maker, knitter, painter, mama living on Haida Gwai. We were the first 2 to arrive and meet on Friday. We had a little “small world” connection. She’s quite amazing.

Find her here.

There were many other artists, knitters, spinners, jewelers who i had less time to connect with… i am just getting over laryngitis and overused my voice as it is.

Will i do it again? Maybe in another year. For now i appreciate the flexibility of hours that my etsy shop allows. i made far more than i could sell this weekend. Expect a shop update later this week…dolls, crowns and scarves. Then it’s on to Christmas gift making for me.

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celebrations | Saturday, November 24th, 2007

Happy Birthday Kaia Tennessee!! We love you!

Waldorf Children’s Christmas Fair – There were so many line ups and it was a tad overwhelming but not without moments of magic. The cookie house, puppet show and bagpiper were definitely favorites as they were last year and this year Little A dipped his own beeswax candle which he is so very proud of (as am i);

the craft fair continues…Friday night was slower than i expected so i’m hoping for a busier Sunday. My little helper really did want to help push the trolley but he settled for a full day home with grandma P and friend. it’s not often that he goes to bed without me. Papa and him are having some breakthrough of sorts.

packed and ready to gopacked and ready

BettyGrandma P

Maternal Creations

sewing | Thursday, November 22nd, 2007

art show and craft fair. It’s coming up soon – this weekend. i’ve got dibs on something already and looking forward to seeing much much more. So far i have no thoughts on display and the way i’m feeling (sleepy and with laryngitis) i doubt that i’ll have time to come up with anything too creative. i sewed my finger the other day. Ouch. Time to go to bed i think – get some rest. If you’re in the city come and see our show. i’ll be there Fri and Sun. Say hi. Introduce yourselves.

Ruslanachild's scarf


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