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whole food and healing | Monday, December 31st, 2007

Aw thanks for all the well wishes. i’m on a slow uphill but i’ll get there. You all are so lovely and sweet.

Another day was spent at the doctor’s office yesterday where most of the 3 hours was in waiting. i learned that Little A did not break his big toe but rather he fractured the proximal joint of his first metatarsal which does not affect his growth plate and will heal in time. This doesn’t explain why his big toe hurts and not the area fractured? We are recommended to see another Doctor and possibly have another xray. We’re in the system now and we’ll follow through. Thanks to the mamas and friends who inspire and encourage me to trust my child when he tells me that he has pain and that this is not his manipulation to be mommy coddled and to trust myself in my ability to help him heal. We will continue with our homeopathic remedies as well as make great efforts to stay positive and have as much fun and play as we can. In each of us our patience wears thin as one becomes restless not walking, another becomes tired of carrying and another tired of the complaining. I trust we will all be well and thriving in time.

Papa bear has been especially awesome these past few days while i’ve been unwell. i know it’s not an easy time to hang out with the little monkey who can’t walk, refuses to eat or nap and as a result easily melts. We anticipate some parenting challenges and changes in the next month as we read, research and seek inspiration to get through some emotional, control and food issues. Any AP and gentle discipline recommendations are welcome!

papa’s got a brand new scarf that is soft enough he’ll wear it. The addition of buttons was largely inspired by this one. i’ve been seeing so many beautiful knits on Flickr these past few days and the socks! i am loving the socks. i’m building up the nerve to take on a project that requires more than the straight knit scarf.

Quiet New Year’s Eve in my home. Well wishes back to you all. Cheers.


whole food and healing | Saturday, December 29th, 2007

There were some merry moments and delicious foods to be enjoyed this past week but not without crabby moods and stomach flus all in turn. it hit me last and most severe and i’m only just surfacing now with a cup of miso soup. i’ll see you all in the New Year with a hopefully more healthy and positive perspective on things. Right now i just want to curl up and hide awhile longer.

Happy Holidays

seasons | Sunday, December 23rd, 2007

We did it. The full advent. i had hoped for more wintery adventures but with a boy with a sore foot, who wants to go up the mountain for skating? We’ve kept busy with our projects and opened far too many gifts despite my intention to keep it simple. We’re off to the Sunshine Coast for a family gathering. See you in a few days. I’ll leave you with some tree love.

found on our doorwreath

boy with deerabc

deermice parade

See more embroidery hoop fabric swatches here.

Wee Wonderfuls Winter Stichettes.

Kiki & Polly fawn mini print.

Martha’s mini stockings.

Piccobello laundry game.

woolen gifts

creative community,gifting | Thursday, December 20th, 2007

ok so it all starts with the sheep and then the shearing but for me it all starts here at Birkeland Brothers where they work with this machine that is over 100 years old. It’s really quite amazing to watch. i wish i could have gotten closer to photograph the thin layers of wool rolling on to the roller but i had a toddler in 1 arm and a camera in the other (plus a backpack and Winter wear on) so here’s what i got;

Birkeland BrothersBirkeland Brothers

Little A will be opening this book for Christmas. The story stimulates one’s mindfulness of where things come from and how they are made – Pelle’s new suit from the lamb’s wool which is sheared then carded, spun, dyed, woven and tailored. The illustrations are refreshingly simple and obviously there is so much more to the story but i don’t want to give it all away.

Pelle's New Suit

These are amazing days of gift receiving;

Last week. From Mi. i am so in love with her fabric covered buttons and she so thoughtfully filled my pincushion with wool because she knows i love it. The yellow fabric is a feed sack reproduction. The style is so familiar to me having seen and owned some of my mom’s original feed sacks from her farming days.

Wednesday. on my way out the door i found a lovely wrapped package on my doorstep from Haida Gwai. i wish i could show you the wrapping but Little A is quite in the trend of unwrapping and his patience with me and my camera is growing thin. Inside, all for me, a woolen cuff from Kiki. it’s beautiful. i love it. i’m wearing it as i type. The neck cozy is one of hers that i bought from the Maternal Creations show where we first met last month.

neck cozycuff

As much as he enjoys the opening of gifts Little A also loves to help with wrapping gifts. In fact it has become a game to play. i hide in one room while he finds something to wrap and then i’m called in to find a gift beautifully wrapped in tissue paper for me. Then it’s his turn and well, the game could go on for hours i’m sure. it was sweet to see his gift exchange with Little B the other day. Anna makes these awesome felt foods for kitchen play (who knew one could pan fry sushi rolls?). The grapes are perfect and the cracked eggshells – well those are just clever!


thought i’d throw in a shot of Little A’s hack job haircut by yours truly. He wanted “no hair” but this is as short as i go.

Last week i received an email from a friend that read she had some extra cute fabric that she thought i might like and could she please have my mailing address. Wow! so cool and thoughtful to think of me. A few days later a box arrived with a cute little gnome card explaining that it was something other than fabric – a sweet bamboletta boy, Elliah. i am so in love! Little A was surprised too as he read my name and not his on the box. Thank you thank you! Christina and i had talked about a trade well over a year ago and then we both got busy with other things, she moved away to the island and all the while i’ve been oogling over her dolls and now and then pulling out the WIP i have intended to complete for Ben. I still have it! and i will finish it for him….perhaps closer to New Years than Christmas. We’re busy mamas but it all gets done eventually. Elliah is one stylish earthy dude and we love his belly button.

Lucky right? Indeed i am.

what Little A ate today

delicious | Wednesday, December 19th, 2007

Baking date with friends. We arrived to Little B singing “milk in the batter, milk in the batter, we bake cake and nothings the matter”. It was destined to be a sweet treat kind of day.

cookiescookie and milk

Some of these had to make their way out of our home and over to the neighbors.

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