pink in the shop

sewing,shop | Wednesday, January 30th, 2008

Sweet Valentine dolls for the shop. I wasn’t sure i would be able to pull this off in time but all went smoothly and here they are. pink but not too pink.

Iona & Roza;

Ninochka & Preia;

detailNinochka & Preiadetail

Godava, Maryusa & Valentina (Maryusa is from the last group of dolls. I ran out of wool stuffing so she was left out. She hasn’t got a felt heart detail but she fits in pretty well here i think);

Orlenda & Kiska;

a little more of Orlenda;

and some pink crowns like this one but not exactly.

hey ho

nature,playful,seasons | Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

i got what i wished for.

red bear ridesstill redSs


a little of our days

day to day | Sunday, January 27th, 2008

It snowed – just a little. We hope to build a snowman if it gets a little colder. i love this photo that little A shot at the cafe yesterday. He’s good no? It helps to have some cute favorite friends to photograph.

My sister is packing and moving homes which is very exciting in many ways and extra specially for me when she arrives with a big garbage bag full of my brand new second hands! ya! Check out the elephant with wings. She added a few more articles to my peacock collection. i didn’t even know i liked that color but my closet is full of it and more so now.

elephant with wingsbrand new second hand

Little A has grown so much in the past month that all his pants and shirts are inches too short. We went on a pant mission a few days ago and scored over on Main at Beansprouts. i even got a free shiatsu gift certificate! They’re having a great sale as is Dandelion Kids on the Drive. i love these shops not only because they carry some hip and stylish modern brands but also because they have a kick ass second hand section where i found numerous Tea items (photo on the right above).

i was trying to save this for my sister’s birthday but after being spoiled with hand me downs i couldn’t hold out. i purchased this from Hine and i’ve got another on order for our own little point and shoot. Oh and she’s local – gotta love that!

Camera Camera Case no.17

It’s Sunday, my day to putter while the boys are out playing. I’ve been far busier than this post reveals…all in time.

back to the beach

beaches,nature,playful | Friday, January 25th, 2008

We’re taking advantage while the sun doth shine! When asked what was on the day’s adventure agenda yesterday i replied that we were going to dig a very large hole and we did.

sunny&calm dugfrosty

Today we met up with friends to do it all over again.


After just a short stop in at home the sun is beckoning us out again…off we go.

taking in some sun

beaches,playful | Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008

Winter has felt long and this week the sun feels sooooooo good. The beach was beautiful this morning/afternoon. Calm waters, sun haze, frosty logs, happy and playful mama with boy. We have been missing these beach ventures while little A’s foot has been healing (not quite there still). We love this tree in all it’s seasons because it is where the gnomes play. In Summer it’s their swimming pool, in Winter we might chance to see them skating. So far we haven’t been so lucky to catch one but we’re hopeful to spy one one day.


How much lighter i feel just taking in some sun, noticing the shift and easy mood with the simple and repetitive task of shoveling and piling.

i realize we have been hermits these past weeks and now i am craving some fun. i’m scheduling more play dates, spending time with mamas who inspire, encouraging Little A to come out of his shell some to connect with the wee folk…

a self portrait “out”

at Little Nest with friends;



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