creative community | Friday, February 29th, 2008

Perhaps you’ve already seen this guy from Enchanted Gypsy over on my flickr.  i love him and he fits in well after the laundromat post.

that’s it, that’s all. no words to add.  i continue to better my health…


day to day,whole food and healing | Sunday, February 24th, 2008

Thank you!!! it’s so great to have this feedback to my lethargic complaints (last post). i would normally like to respond to your comments individually but i am indeed more than fatigued from my coffee overconsumption though that remains an issue to which i am addressing – i’m aiming for 1 a day and certainly no more than 2 on those especially cozy days. Something came on fast yesterday afternoon. We were at the laundromat with our friend and neighbor (our washer is cranky this week) and i suddenly had a sore throat and my limbs felt heavy. it progressed to chills and by the time Little A was put to bed i was due for some miso soup and a hot bath and then 2 rounds of hot lemon, ginger and honey, some modified Yin Qiao San and zinc lozenges. Today is daddy day so i get to mellow and rest easy. Already i’m feeling pretty great and i’m having a coffee. ha.

Some shots from the laundromat;

Hope you all are enjoying a lazy Sunday as i am.

this day

day to day,family,playful | Friday, February 22nd, 2008

i have been struggling with a lack of energy more than usual these past couple weeks. In spite of getting more rest i am just feeling dull and uninspired to feed the creative play. i feel guilty that i should pressure my 3 year old to come up with something interesting for us to pass the day away. Yesterday he did well, suggesting a trip to the aquarium which was fun and fantastic for us both but mostly when i ask what he wants to do he would rather that i come up with the plan. And so it should be up to the adult to find and follow an easy rhythm in the day. I have several theories to my recent moods and fatigue but the only one i’ll share here now is coffee. i have been drinking too much coffee that it is having an adverse affect on me, exhausting rather than stimulating. i do love it so. i enjoy it by the bodumful at home and then a cappucino (sometimes 2!!) at the cafe. For me that is too much. i know some of you crazies out there function on far more than that but for me 1 should be more than enough. Better yet switch to decaf.

Despite recent moods, low energy and a craving to hibernate, my toddler keeps me going. He just wants me to join in his play and have fun all the time. Sometimes we lose our groove but that smile and laughter puts all things back into perspective for me.

Earlier this day we visited Auntie’s studio where i felt slightly uneasy about all things white and fragile but nothing was broken even when bouncing around a giant ball and making music with glassware. The space is looking beautiful L. Griffin also had a fun playtime with Tate.

water musicGriffin meet Tate

watching the train from above;

i never thought i’d say this but there’s something simply beautiful about concrete;


crafting,playful,shop,woolens | Tuesday, February 19th, 2008

i’ve been daydreaming of making my own felt playscapes and dolls for puppet shows but i am a true beginner having made nothing more than a ridiculous amount of felted balls (easy peasy). Jane & i got together this morning/afternoon to try out a felted soap project. it went pretty well with little effort and our boys were totally great at self entertaining and popping in now and then to “connect”. It was a great play date. Some may wonder why we would want our soap felted? Well it looks pretty cool and attractive to little ones and it never hurts to inspire them to wash their hands more frequently. It also makes the soap less slippy in the tub and apparently the soap will last longer. We shall see before i felt any more bars. If i do attempt this again i will thin out the layers of roving a little more so that the fibers mesh together more smoothly and evenly. i’m not sure what Little A is attempting with the roving but he was having a good time.

roving scarfworking his own project

Our sweeties;

Here’s another super cool project that C made with/for Arlo on the weekend. He digs it.

Ah and i got a day to myself to sew, photograph and post in the shop. It rocked.

Wool Felt Crown -  Spring leaves abd CloverWool Felt Crown - Flowers and ChicksWool Felt Crown -  Laundry DayWool Felt Crown - Flowers and ChicksWool Felt Crown - stars and frogsWool Felt Crown - Flowers and bubbles

belated Vday post

celebrations,woolens | Friday, February 15th, 2008

i’m not really into Valentine’s Day as i say about most commercial holidays but since Arlo received some awesome cards in the mail i had some explaining to do. The day before we set up a very red “nature table” together – the highlight being the empty mailbox awaiting a surprise the next morning. We also pulled out the craft paper and glitter pens and made our own cards to post and deliver. He was pretty thrilled.

gnomeyvday treasures

The red and pink are now put away and the nature table is vacant for forest finds, that is if the rain will let up so we can go exploring and find things that are not completely covered in mud. i’m digging Jane‘s roaming photos right now. They’re so beautiful it makes me want to go for a walk right now. We’ll have to roam the more beaten track since Little A insists on wearing only slippers everywhere. (He was a sling babe but we’re sure getting stroller use now).

Knitting is my rediscovered love. i aspire to knit better. Anna‘s knits and woolen projects rock! The longies WIP are complete, there was wool leftover for wee leg warmers and now i’m in need of some 12″ 5mm circulars so i can get started on a pair for myself – leg warmers that is, though i would love to have a pair of longies my size.

Berroco yumminess;

i love wool in skeins.

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