lost and found

family,Okanagan,travels | Thursday, April 24th, 2008

i pulled off the highway down this road as i have so very many times before. The sun on the water prompted me (you can’t see it in the photo). i opened the car door, snapped a photo, was about to move elsewhere for another when i heard MEOOOOOOW. We found ourselves a kitten, about 6 weeks old huddled under a sage brush. He wasn’t at all wild and after getting him home we realized he was quite starving. My friend found one of his brothers the day before, unfortunately on the highway. He didn’t make it across. We gather the kittens were abandoned and left out there, possibly during the snow storm. Poor little kitty. Little A has been asking me for a kitty or a bunny for over a month now. Papa is allergic so this furry friend will be Little A’s kitty when he visits grandma’s house in the Okanagan. His name is Happy.

i grew up with about 30 cats. Strays came and went, the mama’s had babies in my bed, under my dresser, up the hall, in the ceiling?!…i loved having them around and playing with them as a kid but when we moved during high school i wonder where they all went? mom? i had one cat when i first moved to the city. He was the one i cared for, really loved and mourned when he was hit by a car. Now i feel quite done with pets. i hate cat hair on my clothes and kitty litter is disgusting but they sure are sweet things when they belong to someone else.

shiny folk

beautiful people,Okanagan,playful,travels | Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

The Okanagan, once my home and native land, sums up a part of me and feeds my soul so completely. The asparagus, desert back roads, wild horses, deer in the yard, fruitful orchards & vineyards, summer warmth and especially the shiny folk all have a part in beckoning my return again and again. i’ve always felt that one day i would live here again but as years pass i feel myself growing further away from my attachments there and i return to the city satisfied and grateful. These past few days i’ve spent some good moments with the most special friends, the unconditional kind. i’d like to scoop them up and settle them in my neighborhood, but, well, that is selfish and i can love them deeply from here in the city until peach season when i must visit again.

C&Asnowball fightsun fun3 little monkeys

Z&BT&Kcrown model

T&EL&Aout with the galswine view

Ack. This was killing me it was so damn cute…the laundry game. Gosh grandma is brilliant with her games. This was day 2. We even had an 8 year old boy playing for awhile;

laundry gamelaundry game

OK view

family,nature,Okanagan,travels | Monday, April 21st, 2008

How rude of me to skip town without saying goodbye. We took a little road trip and went hunting for wild asparagus in the Okanagan. We can usually find an abundance of it this time of year but what strange and moody weather we have seen. We’re happy to have found at least a few tips poking through the dry and desert earth in those first sunny and hot days – before the freakish snow storm which also hit the coast. Whatever is going on? Earth be happy. Happy Earth Day!

ouch jumping cactusfoundi spy

careful huntinglove that blue sky and dry grass

Before the snow it had been dry and the cacti seemed especially sharp and jumpy already. i found several of these jumpers in my shoes and pants along the way. You can imagine the misfortunes one might encounter in a cactus patch. Little A was ever so watchful and wary.

Adventure stories to be continued. There is much to catch up on in these next weeks including an acknowledgment of this blog’s first year that passed quietly by while i was away, that is without a post or celebration. i’m afraid it will be postponed some while longer.

lots going on

artful projects,crafting,creative community,sewing,shop | Wednesday, April 9th, 2008

oops i missed this post in the drafts folder. i’ll add to it. i’ve listed some new Spring crowns in the shop. Other crown news; i’ve just signed a 6 month contract with Natural Pod who will now have exclusive rights to selling Little Red Caboose crowns. See their first exclusive designs under ‘What’s New’. Crowns will still be available through me and my etsy shop and i welcome special orders. i’m excited about Natural Pod for many reasons, mainly that they are a fantastic locally based shop run by a beautiful family and friends. With NP managing more of those sales i hope to find some time to focus on new sewing projects. After some urgings i’ve made a few more picnic placemats. 2 for the shop and 2 to stockpile for an event that i will be involved with next month. Fun times.

Spring bees pinkpicnic placematsSpring bees green

i’m not the only busy bee around here. Papa bear is traveling here and there and everywhere…soon to be leaving for El Salvador. And check out the busy artist at play;

i have been loving Alistair’s NikonD80 and 50mm lately….can’t get enough of my sweet bean and his gorgeous eyes.

he likes gelato toochocolate gelatohaircuts

more of everything to come.

looking for fun and feeling groovy

family,parenting,playful | Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

Grandma left for Spain today. Lucky gal and she deserves it more than anyone i know. After 1 month of everyday Grandma, i truly have to kick my butt back into gear. i seriously slacked off on parenting. Little A simply chose her over me and that mostly worked well. it was a good month and now i’m looking forward to finding my groove with my little one again. i’ve missed him in some subtle ways. Tonight it was my turn again to bathe him and straight away he told me, “ok mommy i have some new games to teach you” and lucky me i got to experience some of the splashy fun that i had wondered and giggled about from the other side of the bathroom door. Little A would spend nearly an hour each night in the tub while Grandma went along with his imaginative games…picking lemons (squeaky frogs and dolphins), squeezing them into lemonade, adding honey (a little squirt from baby beluga’s spout)…wacky and hilarious games that he thrives to act out. Grandma gave him the time. Such a great reminder for me.

Spring is waking us early, beckoning us to play longer, putting a little skip in our hop. When i think back to the challenges of Winter with Little A’s fractured foot and seemingly endless health concerns for our whole family, i feel so relieved, so grateful to soak up Spring in my bones. Today was such a good day.

story tellertired of bouncing

and before you get the impression that we are all skippity lou let me reveal a face that i know all too well these days. This is because, “i want to bounce but i’m just too tired to bounce” or maybe ” i just want pie but i’m sad because there is no pie.” i could go on but i won’t because clearly we are done for the day.

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