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day to day | Saturday, May 31st, 2008

Blueberry and spelt flour muffins. To me it went all wrong when we were out of ripe bananas and switched to a milk recipe half way through. Little A’s resolve was to simply sprinkle brown sugar on top to make them good. He’s the only one who’s eaten any and he loves them (the tops anyhow).

eating muffinseating muffins

multi tasking – i rarely just brush my teeth. i try. i mean i used to be so good about it but these days i find myself brushing and wandering about the house or out on to the porch where undoubtedly i will find something that needs doing and if nothing needs doing well then i’ll just document that.

We were away last weekend, visiting friends in Victoria, bouldering, enjoying, following peacocks to ocean views…it was short, sweet and sunny. i wish i could organize myself amidst the many things happening and post photos in order but i fear if i backtrack too far i’ll never make it back to the present so this is all i have to show – Little A with his new kitty, Raspberry Nectarine at Discovery coffee where i was more than happy to find the “right” machine to make my cappucino. Good coffee when one is away is very comforting.

Some things to show – i stumbled upon Love Monkey‘s cute painted families and sweet tees and when i realized she was nearly local, living where i was visiting, i hit her up for a trade. Lucky Little A. As for the bakerman’s apron i made several of these as gifts for the many May born toddlers that i know – all with different pockets and with some of these.

bakermannew tshirt

fabric button swap

crafting,creative community | Thursday, May 29th, 2008

Buttons and more buttons because once you start you can’t stop and now we need to find others with the addiction so we can swap.

Anyone in? i’ve never organized a swap before and i admit that i hesitate to say “how hard can it be?” i guess i’ll find out. Some ground rules;

Each person will make for their swap partner a set of 5 co-ordinating or themed buttons. The sizes may vary amongst them. Also to be included is something handmade using another or others of your handmade buttons. Feel free to include some random extras but it is not necessary.

i’m thinking June 15th for the sign up deadline and June 30th for the mail out deadline. Maybe this will change…we’ll see how many people are interested.

For those of you unable to find button kits in your local shops you may order them from Reprodepot.

That’s it. i am a true blogger geek now.

a random number well chosen

gifting | Sunday, May 18th, 2008

the gift away in celebration of my blog’s first year goes to #55 Kyrie. it turns out her little one is having a birthday soon so i’m pleased with how the randomness was seemingly meant to be. The birthday gal chose this crown for herself;

Happiest Birthday little one!!

for Victoria and others who think my life is zen like

parenting | Saturday, May 17th, 2008

it is my deep rooted nature to ‘keep it together’ and be less emotional… does being the youngest of 6 explain that at all for you? i like my blog to be a beautiful and positive space. it is not all encompassing as i am rather shy and private. Even a blog that is written completely in the raw is still read and perceived by the reader’s own experience of things.

One thing i read yesterday was that at times our children will seem endearing when doing something and at other times they will seem like total brats doing the very same thing. it is our own mood that sees them as either endearing or brats and so today i carry a note in my back pocket that reads ‘regain optimism’.

So far so good (but we’ve only been awake a short while). Happy day to you.

he’s 3 what’s my excuse?

parenting | Friday, May 16th, 2008

a good day spent with my little one in the sunshine was necessary to get us back on track after nearly a week of terribly impatient parenting. it’s really sucked lately. i’ve really sucked. he’s sucked too but he’s 3+. None of my excuses are quite so valid.

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