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creative community | Monday, June 30th, 2008

for players of the fabric button swap. Post date is today, June 30th, unless you’ve arranged otherwise with your swap partner. Thank you all again for playing and don’t forget to post photos to the group pool so we can all see.

by the way, Kat, i did not just ruin the surprise.

Slightly on topic of fabric covered buttons – i ordered these super cute pants from Smallville and i’m so impressed by her meticulous sewing and attention to detail. The dress tag totally does it for me. She also made a fabric bag to wrap the pants in and spoiled me (and Little A) with the extra robot buttons. Jimin’s partner is going to be lucky and spoiled. As for Little A, he’s going to be stylin’ in these new birthday pants (soon so soon);

We’re southbound to visit family for a couple days. i hope there’s lots to catch up on when i return.

(((((Anna thinking of you)))))))))) xo.

deja vu

adventuring & exploring,family | Saturday, June 28th, 2008

back for more strawberries and look at that cloudless sky – the berries are loving it and so are we. i wish we had more room in our car to bring the whole gang along.

strawberries serenadered hat cloudless blue

low tide

adventuring & exploring,beaches,day to day,playful | Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

The world is his playground;

and i follow;
until he gets down right muddy. i just wasn’t into that today;
good thing bath time is extra fun these days;

birds and trees

artful projects,sewing,shop | Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

i wonder if i’ll ever tire of this theme. Right now there are some lovely bird and tree fabrics in my stash and i pulled many of them out for this batch of dolls;


Yogenya & Angelina;



Aleksandra & Spera and Ermolina;

Aleksandra & SperaErmolina

Soroka & Margarete;


and these gals you may have seen posted already – Koia, Lisaveta & Sabina

and not bird or tree like but still cute – hedgehogs;

u-pick strawberries

adventuring & exploring,delicious,family | Monday, June 23rd, 2008

oh yes the season has begun. Each year around this time i return to Emma Lea’s u-pick for sweet berries and nostalgia. Nearly 4 years ago (in July) i ventured over the bridge and through the tunnel and over the bridge again to pick berries, all the while squatting in the hot sun while my not so little belly contracted. Little A was born the following morning. Today he loved to hear “his story” while lunching on the most delicious strawberries. He loved the wagon even more. We ate many, picked some and not too many so we can come picking soon and again. i can hardly wait until Thursday’s milk run for fresh cream. Yes i bought a cow!! and now i have the sweetest real milk, fresh and delicious, weekly. That cream is going to be so very yummy with my berries. ooh and maple syrup – mama i’m nearly out. Can you bring some when you visit next?

strawberry pickingeating more and more...buckets for berries

field of berriesdeliciouson a missionA&E

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