Okanagan adventure part two – abundance

Corn. it grows so quickly. it will be over our heads next visit. oh the fun we’ll have.

corn field by you.

“Inch by inch, row by row, gonna watch this garden grow. All it takes is a rake and a hoe and a piece of fertile ground. Inch by inch, row by row, someone bless these seeds i sow, someone warm them from below till the rains come tumblin’ down.”

corn fieldcorn

“Pulling weeds and picking stones. we are made of dreams and bones, feel the need to grow my own ’cause the time is close at hand. Grain for grain, sun and rain, find my way in nature’s chain, tune my body and my brain to the music from the land.”

weed rootspulling weedscorn field

“Plant your rows straight and long, temper them with prayer and song, Mother Earth will make you stong if you give her love and care.”

planted and growingHappy hunting in strawberrieshere HAPPY

golden plums by you.

“Old crow watching hungrily from his perch in yonder tree, in my garden i’m as free as that feathered thief up there.”

fruits abovegolden plums


pretty weeds by you.

a favorite summertime book;

Inch by Inch: The Garden Song (Trophy Picture Books)

Okanagan adventure part 1 – already reminiscing

Always when it’s time to return home after a short Summer visit i begin to wish that i had done more, absorbed more, when really it’s the slowing down that i’m after. i just want more of it. i hold fast to the lazy days and mellow moods. There are treasures here; golden plums and other rich fruits, sunny folk & farmers, friends & neighbors. sigh. Another Summer adventure to reminisce. The cherries i can bring home but i’ll miss the tree, it’s shade and it’s view.

orchard by you.


variety by you.

picking shoespicking

bucket head by you.

there will be parts 2 or more. i’m slow to organize after this trip.

see you next week

adventuring & exploring,family | Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

In the middle of the night i’m trying to write a goodbye. i’m only away for a short while but i didn’t want to skip town like last time. So, i’m off to a sunny land where to pick fruits and catch up with some good people.

i leave you with less words and more color;

city farmerlocal

felted foodsgood summer colors

orangegrowing good

beauty and the nature table

Our living room is pretty much Little A’s room since he hasn’t got a bedroom of his own and so in this smallish space an element of order and beauty helps to keep the peace. Right now i’m appreciating the nature corners. Not only does it inspire his “projects” but it helps keep my focus off the color block carpet and stash of rubber balls under the couch.

pinecone studypinecones

corner nestsapple treetracing starfish

There’s a lot of interest and activity in the nature table these days. Ever since the introduction to the advent calendar and the winter wonderland project, Little A often wonders if those elves will leave surprises on other days. He was pretty delighted to find a special birthday table just for him earlier this month. He immediately took the candles to the breakfast table to light. We spent the morning reading through his baby journal full of photos, cards, blurbs – the good ones. He was not at all interested in opening his gift. In fact he repeated to me for the ??? time that he did not want any gifts. i only bought him one that i was sure he would love but still he did not open it until the following evening just before bedtime along with all the other fantastic gifts given to him. The birthday table remained for several days after which we set up the July table which the little monkey continues to add to and change. The accumulation of sticks in the yard don’t quite fit here though he would like them to.

sun and good things to eat

me oh my the sun did shine all weekend. We hit 2 farmer’s markets. Just because. i’m sad to say that the strawberries came and went all too quickly this year and the peas are soon to follow though we do have some of our own growing in the yard. i hold a sweet childhood memory of my mama sending us off to the garden to pick lunch into our skirts. Peas were my absolute favorite garden delight. The fields are ripening now with raspberries & blueberries. Okanagan cherries seem abundant despite odd Spring frosts…Alistair found some sweet wee zucchinis and well, the market is just getting exciting now. Petunia and the Loons put a big fat smile on my face . i’d like to hire them to play at my porch party (tba-ha!).

Petuniaporch snacks

Though i usually save ocean adventures for week days when other beach combers are at a minimum (i am a super beach hog. i want it all for myself) we wanted to go on some sort of exploration with out committing to a big drive out of the city so we hit trail #3 out at UBC with our good friend S. The stairs to and from are as exciting as the rocks we long to bring home.

beach snacksrocky

Hope you all had a swell weekend.

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