August in the Okanagan

Some days were hot as expected and other days more surprisingly cool, hinting Autumn’s breath. We enjoyed it all and soaked up what seemed like a quick end of Summer with visits, a mountain view, runs through the corn rows, garden wanderings, a wine tour and beach fun. it was quite perfect really. Note; the red hat was forgotten, quite on accident, at home, and so opened the opportunity to fall in love with blue.

Okanagan lake view by you.

bluesweets for the sweetquail

Munson mountainThomas


hungry frogs

3 mile beach by you.

Kaleden beach by you.

grandma’s front step. i love it.

front step by you.

this guy hangs out with his buds in the hollow of my parent’s property. he’s been around a couple years and only ever grows 1 horn.

2 point 1 antler buck by you.

indeed the corn has grown high over my own head. the cobs were still small but we ate them anyhow.

bluetallcorn stalk


running in rows by you.

sweet small cobfrom above


grapes to the left corn on the right;

grapes & corn by you.

so many great wines to try. i feel that we should encourage the fruit farmers to grow more than grapes as there is a mono culture trend spreading throughout the Okanagan. i suppose the money is good but what will we do when there is such a small variety of BC fruits?

poplar grove by you.

township 7 beach picnic

should we go back for apple picking in the Fall?

apples by you.

random cuteness

crafting,day to day,playful | Friday, August 22nd, 2008

Little bean’s got a new friend all the way from Tadoussac Quebec. i had no idea there were whales (belugas included) swimming free in the Saint Lawrence River. Learning something new everyday.

baby beluga by you.

sign me up to the club. i’m addicted. photo booths are super fun.

photobooth by you.

i remember being 4. i remember being 2 but i remember being 4 when i loved to spin and spin and spin. We spent a good hour dizzying ourselves this morning.

tire swinging by you.

i think i’ve got this tree fabric in every color way. i love it. it’s a favorite. i’ve also got a nice stash of echino stripes which i finally cut into and used. Gosh that feels good, especially when it all turns out alright. A full yard for each pair to cover my not so little one’s long legs (and a pair for his buddy too).

echino times 3 by you.

new rain boots. puts a smile on my face to see his feet in anything but crocs which he’d wear year round if i let him.

wet day by you.

schuck. prelude to our next Okanagan adventure. see you in a week…

schuck by you.

Happy Birthday Cedar

celebrations | Monday, August 18th, 2008

We celebrated our little friend’s 4th birthday this beautiful hot and sunny weekend. Water balloons, eats and treats, friends and family gathered in the shade, mama made teepee, presents galore… all good things to put a smile on all of our faces. ooh and lucky me – i got to have 2 boys for the day! Mama Anna and sweet Micco had some chill time while big brother B joined us at the party.

Happy Birthday Cedar. Thank you so much for the jelly beans and strawberry fruit bar. Love Arlo.

wishing by you.


the scene by you.

BA&Bforever family

one two three by you.

new dog walker in the neighborhood

playful | Friday, August 15th, 2008

Last week Little A sat on the front porch and made several cards to give out to the neighborhood dog owners requesting play dates and wondering what sort of dog treats they prefer. We are not able to have a pet for a number of reasons and in many ways this mostly suits us fine. i must admit that i was quite out of my element in the doggy bakery. i had no idea how over the top it could be; carob covered pretzel shaped treats, bone birthday cakes…i could hardly take it all in but we settled on some chi chi baked treats and away we went. Soon we will be all the neighborhood dog’s best friends. As far as furry friends go Daisy is pretty awesome. She doesn’t bark, she’s super mellow and pretty cute no? Little A had a blast and was so so proud. Today we learned that Daisy digs treats and needs to learn some new tricks, that dogs sniff each other to say hello, that leashes are pretty cool, that dogs get super excited when you talk to them in super silly voices and that they get pretty thirsty after walking in the hot sun. Fun times for everyone.

Daisy by you.

proud dog walker by you.

Daisy by you.


delicious,family | Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

i like it. most people like it. how many of us make our own? i really like the home made version and despite feeling like crap all day with a Summer cold i mustered up enough energy to set the pizza making in motion. After all the dough needed using. In the end we mostly let Little A take over the pizza making. He was the most sure and the most adamant of how it should be done so he won. The abundance of corn meal set the smoke detector off but the ones that didn’t over bake were pretty tasty. Better than take out still imo.

dough boypizza geartoppings

can i sauce yours too? by you.

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