autumn equinox

nature,playful,seasons | Monday, September 22nd, 2008

Here’s to a sunny and brisk first day of Autumn

autumn bouquet by you.

The wild west wind did blow and we went out to play- silk streamer in one hand, gathering basket in the other. i’m surprised the monkey costume stayed at home as it has been getting a lot of wear these cooler days. Speaking of wearing, i got a new hat. it’s alright. a little itchy. i hope to have many hats this season.

gatherer by you.

tickling the dandelionmore gatheringtree park

my new hat by you.

Autumn in Vancouver is my favorite. or did i say that about Spring already? i love them both but now, with the wind, it feels so fresh, alive and yet quieter still with all the children in school and the tourist returned home. We seem to have our parks and beaches back to ourselves.

in the park by you.

We missed you friends today. We had such fun with you in the park last time.

run and run and run by you.

dewberry group

artful projects,crafting,shop | Sunday, September 21st, 2008

Joel Dewberry’s aviary collection has been an absolute favorite fabric of mine so i was utterly flattered to receive a special request from his wife for 2 of my dolls using his fabric. The 2 on the left are her choices and the other 3 are or can be available in my shop.

Dewberry group by you.
Soroka, Blanka, Melita, Yulenka, Korina

“i didn’t make any faces”

parenting,playful | Friday, September 19th, 2008

i absolutely love this boy. The past few days have been so awesome – good sleeps, mostly great moods, lots of sillies and creative ideas & play. i remember not long ago when we seemed to be in a cycle of 1 good day, 1 challenging day… Today one of our teachers told me i was reaping the benefits of my patient parenting and while i often don’t find myself feeling very patient i have to agree with her that there is some great growing going on and up.

May your weekends be full of playful sillies.

creature features

artful projects,creative community | Thursday, September 18th, 2008

i am all flattered, nervous and shy to be included in the next show, Creature Feature, at Black Lark Gallery, Hastings UK. Some inspiring and admired artists will be displaying their dolls and creatures. Thank you Sarah for thinking of me and my matryoshka.

These gals are dressed in their Autumn attire and ready to join the party. i wish i could travel over land and sea with them.

Creature Features by you.


family,playful | Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

i finally got to go through all the spinning photos my sister took of little A and i that day in August when we went berry picking. i felt dizzy for hours after this. She takes the best photographs.

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The forecast calls for rain tomorrow. it feels appropriate to remember those sunny summery days. Enjoy your Summers to the very end.

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