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artful projects,crafting,woolens | Friday, November 28th, 2008

inspired by color and softness;

roving by you.

i finally just got better making these after a few years trying and playing around with my kid. Grandma P was visiting last week and mastered the technique so we have felt balls aplenty…

felt balls by you.

… lined up…

wip by you.

for the inevitable felted acorns;

2. by you.

1.4.mostly brown

3. by you.

i know i know…who isn’t making these?  it’s not too original at this point. i like to credit Stephanie where i first saw the ones her children made some years ago. They are so adorable and so easy (though time consuming) once you get the hang of it. um and super fun to photograph;

5. by you.

ok i’m done. i may have some of these at the next craft fair since it seemed to be the little things people were most interested in at the last fairs and i am completely out of felt balls (thanks to a felt ball admirer) but mostly i just love to have them about the home, here and there, and they top off a gift nicely. oh and thanks to urban.prairie.forest. i might be felting enough for a tree garland.

papa’s got a new cafe

celebrations,family | Thursday, November 27th, 2008

we haven’t seen much of papa bear this past week as he and his crew have been working all hours and wee hours to get this place finely tuned to open today. whew. finally. that was a lot of weeks turned into months but it’s slick and beautiful and the coffee is so fine.

same cookie. new location. thems the bosses in back there.

same cookie new cafe by you.

papa's got a new cafe by you.

another Tuesday with the littles

parenting,playful,shop | Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

Sometimes having 2 is a challenge and other times easy peasy. yesterday was an easy one, all of us with a face much like the balloons (until one popped but we’re alright again).

smiley by you.

2.3.balloons make babysitting easy

and when the little gal’s mama came to pick her up i got to take some beautiful photographs of my scarves (which are in the shop).


owls & laundry by you.

craft mania

creative community | Monday, November 24th, 2008

i couldn’t have done it without papa, grandma and auntie. while sales weren’t quite up to my expectations and the weekend was a whirlwind, it was worth it to hang with my crafty mama friends and to meet some new folk. i’m kind of pooped and wordless so on with the eye candy.

Saturday. Maternal Creations. Shael, Roberta and i scored the huge shelf spot. love that.

the set up @ Maternal Creations by you.

Little Bird Designs;

tree ornaments for crafty folklittle bird designs

Shael & Tobin by you.

Anna’s colorful table was even sweeter with little Micco fast asleep in his basket. gosh it was good having him there to snuggle. he was so awesome and so were these little costumed kids. Anna they are so good. i can’t wait and hope to see many more to come.

A's costumed kids by you.

A's set upsleeping M

There were other really great set ups but my random shots to nowhere really were to nowhere.

Sunday. We’ve Fallen for Etsy.  Different crowd, some familiar faces and many new. i was pretty freezing by the door but i got to look out at those beautiful balloons and gorgeous sunshine all day. Gotta love windows and natural light at your craft shows.

here we are. by you.

i had to laugh when i saw these hugespools ofbaker’s twine after i spent the entire week running around the city, in and out of bakeries, craft supply stores… in search of some. Thank you Priscilla.

balloons on east 17thLockette

tanis alexis. umm why did i forget to go back for the bamboo filled tree? these are so adorable;

tanisalexis by you.

a Cagey Bee. Kris wins my vote for cutest display with her gingham cloth, white picket fence and faux grass to lay beneath her cagey bee friends. Her portraits remind me some of Emily‘s style, of which i have several already, but it was her little woodland friends that caught my eye. i see Henry the squirrel in her shop already but there are others too.

acageybee by you.

Lovely by Margaret, kicking ass at her first craft fair;

Lovely by Margaret by you.

oh and me again. ya ya.

the set up @  We've Fallen for Etsy by you.

there were some others that i wish i could link to but it’s bed time. really. i’ve got an early play date with my little monkey tomorrow.

one of a kind. next year!

one of a kind by you.

craft fair preview

artful projects,crafting,creative community,sewing | Thursday, November 20th, 2008

the girls are cozy altogether in their carrying box equipped with air vent. i hope to add a few more to the group before the weekend. we shall see…

polka dot head countair vent

i know, it’s seemingly a strange season for picnic placemats but if you have a toddler then you know how impromptu the snack stops may be and you may also have some first hand experience with less than clean picnic tables and eating areas. This style of picnic placemat has found a regular place in my day bag as i set out with my toddler on daily adventures. i’ve used a lot of heavier cottons for the exterior and a cotton linen blend for the front. Each placemat has a food related fabric pocket for utensils. (wooden fork included).

ladybugs & apples by you.

picnic?apple trees

irresistible baskets of color. hand stitched, wool felt balls, stuffed full of more woolen goodness wrapped around a bell which gently rattles. These are always a hit at the craft fairs. They have been a hit at home as well. We keep a bucket full of them for all sorts of games. They make great muffins and fit well in the muffin tin.  A soft ball is a perfect first toy for a curious little one and continues to be a favorite toy for many children.

basket of color by you.

bunting flags to welcome a newborn, for birthday celebrations or toddler room decor;

gnomeslittle red

whew. last weekend was scarf making madness. i’ve got a nice stash of cotton and linen (and some wool) for both adults and littles. Each scarf has a surprise trim at each end of the lining side. i have made some more similar to this JD aviary one since i love mine and people seem to dig it too. often i am asked where i got it. that makes me feel good. it really is a beautiful fabric design;

jd bird by you.

trim detailscarves

more for the adults, more specifically the clutch and go kind of gal;

clutch and go by you.

and finally, for the tree;

for the tree by you.

oh gosh and i nearly forgot…how could i? Little Red Caboose crowns ($35 at the shows only);

Waldorf Wool Felt Crown -  matryoshka and flowers


Despite being well stocked i still feel overwhelmed with finishing up my WIPs. i still have a pile of dolls to stuff, a child’s scarf to line, a few clutches to sew up and button… and then part of me is thinking that it’s all a real mish mash, wishing my display was more finely tuned instead of going into it with very little thoughts on presentation…i’ve gotten used to my online shop which is so much more convenient to manage…nevermind, i should be stuffing dolls and not posting here.

i hope the shows have a good turn out and i really hope that any of you locals who know me by way of flickr or blog land that you kindly introduce yourselves. i’m offering 15% off for my first customer at Maternal Creations.

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