A Summary of December in the Coop

i’ve posted a number of out door snowy December shots which are now beginning to all look the same but no, i just couldn’t resist little A’s red coat in white snow and his big fat smile playing out there. We have spent just as much time in our coop, busying ourselves with playful projects… This little tomten’s cottage was part of a trade that i made with Sandra of WinterwoodToys some time ago ( over a year at least). it took me a long long while to find a fabric stiffener to turn this flattened woolen home into a standing structure, which, alas, we are more than pleased with.  i love it. it was intended to be a gingerbread home to decorate. Instead i chose to keep it plain and simple so that we may use it less seasonally but rather throughout the year in our puppet shows.

December in the coop by you.

At various times my sitting space has been invaded to build a nest or den or cozy reading space (of course now it is occupied by our lovely tree). i do indeed have plans to sew a teepee for this sort of play but no pressure this New Year…right? i’ve been puttering about, painting wee tomtens and a wee family for a friend with a new wee one in a sling. Little A has been following suit with the painting, doing his own thing which makes me happy. He’s also becoming more interested in costume design and dressing up. Below is his sometimes witches hat that he is so very proud of (even though i mostly made it under his direction). We continue our collaborative “doe and fawn”project which we intended to gift away to many more of you readers than we’ve actually been able to. The intention was there but the follow through more challenging (and costly due to postage fees).

my sitting spot invadeddress up hatkiki and family

December in the coopwee gifts

We rearranged the kitchen play space and it’s been getting a lot more action.  it’s amazing how a little mixing will stir up forgotten games and make them new again.

December in the coop by you.

an old bus full of kids and a new bridge add to his game of “box car derby”

December in the coopDecember in the coop

Last month we went to see Seussical the Musical and it proved to be an inspiring event for the little monkey who now puts on variations of his own interpretive performances. “Rainbow fun” “Scissor Sky” “Baby Bear’s Birthday” … some of these are highly entertaining but i’m beginning to get my fill as i am usually on stage clean up duty.

December in the coop by you.

From our coop a short distance to the library…we have spent some time here, reading and borrowing;

library by you.

it’s been fun. we’re looking forward to a new month and a new year.

before it melts

i better catch up on posting these snow shots before the sun melts it all away. it has been a true Winter Wonderland and Little A is truly a snow kid as is his papa – those two have been having a blast out there. Aside from having some essential tools (shovel & sled), proper attire is key to enjoying snow to the fullest. Finally, this year, we are prepared. His first layer of silk and wool arrived in the mail the same day it snowed and snowed. The right size snow pants hung in the closet, waiting, 1 month in advance. Little A could wash dishes with his mitts and still have warm dry hand. His locally designed, fleece lined rain coat has worked well to keep him toasty and again, dry. i was bummed not to find Sorels in youth sizes and found myself scrambling to find something suitable…and then i remembered that at the end of last year i purchased some 2nd hand Naturino boots and they have been perfect (and warm with his Wigwams). Guaranteed to be warm and dry, my bundled boy heads out the door where he could, and has, played for hours in the deep deep snow.

snow kid by you.

mommy it's really deepsnow kid

this kid LOVES snow by you.

papa built an igloo/turtle…

papa built an igloo by you.

which also makes a great slope for sliding bilibo style;


almost as good as the neighborhood slopes where these 2 have hiked up and slid down dozens of times before returning home after dark with rosy cheeks, shiny eyes and great big grins;

pre wipeoutwipeout

yes. it is a Wonderland for children big and small;

he's in wonderland by you.

a big white playground;

snow chair by you.

for imaginative friends and playful tricks;

not our snowmansnowball

While we have kept close to home and ventured out only on foot or by sled, others have been more brave to venture further for a visit.  it’s always nice to see you grandma (and grandpa) D. We hope you didn’t get stuck in the snow again.

Grandma D by you.

more merry

beautiful people,celebrations,delicious | Sunday, December 28th, 2008

full and cozy and delicious…

living room blur by you.

kitchen blurbrussell sprouts

G by you.

Squieter momentslast blast

winding down by you.

edit to add a couple of Auntie’s shots;

muji village by you.

drums by you.

Christmas at our house – part 1

celebrations,family,home | Saturday, December 27th, 2008

i hope you all enjoyed your Christmas gatherings. if only i could be in 5 places at 1 time i wouldn’t have missed anyone but no complaints about our own nest in. i haven’t left the hood for days and i’m quite happy here.

sleepy day after by you.

So early yesterday morning the elves (or Santa – we’re unclear) delivered. it was a quiet, happy opening before breakfast, coffee, more coffee….

early yesterday morning by you.

1 gift from papa and 1 from mama and a few stocking items from the elves (or Santa – geez i just don’t know how to play that game).

love papalove mama

Caleb & Elijah were gifted some new and adorable little seedlings clothes and a mama made crown (there may be more of these in the works). In the stocking i felted a pear, painted some lookalike wee folk and tucked in some other treasures. The elves gifted me a knight in shining armor. i just love Anna’s  stuffies – so original and well made with all natural textiles. i also bought a Peter Pan but felt that there were enough gifts given already so i’m stashing it for another day.

friends by you.

pin artpearpin art

Auntie and Uncle James arrived in the afternoon whence the fun for little A truly began. He has been so excited about having everyone over and each time there was a knock on the door there was an accompanying squeal and dance. Our friends are all big kids themselves so it was a silly fun filled afternoon and evening.

little village  by you.

car race by you.

more photos to come…i just need to figure out how to view raw images on our computer.

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

celebrations,crafting | Wednesday, December 24th, 2008

we wish you a Merry Christmas by you.

Enjoy the magic and the feasts my friends. it looks like we got another foot of snow overnight and  it’s still snowing so i’m sure the day will include some snowy adventures….

xo Ella.

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