Emily and Molly have invited me to join them for the month of February at Habit. i am both flattered and delighted to contribute to this project where we aim to capture and share some moments  of our daily lives by way of photographs and  a few words. i won’t be in the “habit” of double posting photos both here and there but since this is the first and it fits in amongst others (and it’s my favorite) i will. i know it’s not February yet but i’m excited…

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filling his pockets by you.

he and i by you.

reading by you.

sigh by you.

it was mostly a gloomy day but the clouds parted just as the sun was setting so we detoured from the route home to follow the sun and see it’s colors painted on the boats.

boats by you.

wintery splendor

adventuring & exploring,beautiful people,nature | Thursday, January 29th, 2009

some afternoons are perfect of light and mud and crisp cool air and good friends with good ideas.

A &S by you.

cattailduck pond

danger keep off by you.

dangerous keep office

A & S by you.

fish tacos and chips are a delicious end to this sort of afternoon.

tea time

day to day,home | Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

Little A has been wondering where his tea set disappeared to when we moved. i honestly can’t remember if i followed through with my idea of “losing it”  or if it’s out in the garage somewhere. His requests for it have increased in the past week and finally today i remembered that i have a lovely little tea set which i brought back from China some years ago. i used to use it a fair bit but not so much these past years. it works well with green and black teas but today we opted for chamomile since it’s the only one that Little A thinks he likes (he won’t try any others and he knows this one from Waldorf). Add a little spelt ginger snap and woowee it’s teatime at it’s finest.

tea time by you.

take 5

sewing,shop,whole food and healing | Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

rest your eyes a little. sigh. lavender has a good effect on me. these cotton and linen eye pillows are filled with organic flax seeds, organic buckwheat and organic lavender that is grandma grown in the sunny Okanagan from seeds i brought back from England about 12 years ago. Now there’s a story to dream of while resting your eyes a little.

sleeping babushka;

sleeping babushka by you.


Lavender Eye Pillow

corn flower blue;

Lavender Eye Pillow


Lavender Eye Pillow


Lavender Eye Pillow


Lavender Eye Pillow

available here.

Poppy the caribou & Nukey the elf

creative community,waldorf learning and living | Sunday, January 18th, 2009

Poppy by you.

i got a new Waldorf doll just for me – a gorgeous girl and her name is Poppy.  it was top of my girl name list for Little A.  She’s a sweet thing and so totally earthy, made in Kimberly BC by the lovely Fabiola of Fig and Me. i know Fabiola back from the fabric button swap and then recently stumbled upon either her flickr or blog or shop…whichever one led to the others. Anyhow we swapped. yay. and i super scored. Fabiola put so much love into this (and she worked fast). 100% organic cotton knit, stuffed full of woolen goodness, gorgeous woolen locks, green eyes like mine, stylish earthy attire (scarf not shown here) and a caribou bonnet to dress up in. She even made Poppy’s shirt to match the style of little A’s Jacksprat style. sheesh. she’s good. She also included a nutbrown elf for Little A who named him Nukey. it was a pretty great mail day i’d say. Thank you once again Fabs! i am utterly impressed and ready to swap with you anytime (please).


Fabiola's dolls by you.

Are any of you reading still? i’m sure i’ve lost you and you’re all off perusing links to find yourself a doll.  Happy oogling.

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