sewing,shop,woolens | Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

some new headgear in the shop.

toadstools – turquoise and spring green;

Waldorf Wool Felt Crown -  Toadstools green and turquoise

toadstools  & hedgehogs;

Waldorf Wool Felt Crown -  Toadstools and hedgehogs

A is for Apple. What’s your favorite? red delicious, golden delicious or granny smith?

Waldorf Wool Felt Crown -  A is for Apple

abc by you.

laundry day;

Waldorf Wool Felt Crown -  laundry and leaves


matryoshka by you.

Easter bunnies;

Waldorf Wool Felt Crown - Easter bunnies


creative community | Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

i love them and we have been so lucky.

tomten hat from Tava (it’s a hit despite the warmer weather!);

tomten hat by you.

toooooomtentomtentire swing

flare friday by you.

awhile back  i came across this swap celebrating handmade and was connected with Amy Quarry, another BC mama who uses soft recycled sweaters in her projects. With this adorable owl she also sent an upcycled denim apron, a sweet hand stitched toadstool embroidery hoop and other gifts which have all found their home before the “photo shoot”. Thank you Amy – we love them!

celebrating handmade swap by you.

my end of the deal;

celebrating handmade swap by you.

Jimin and i have been trading some as well. i am so in love with her Smallville designs. i wish i had a better photo of these awesome softest wool pants;

shadows by you.

and the couch… not sure if it was traded or bought from friends who miscalculated their space but lucky for us it appeared one day. it’s the kind of couch to actually sit on rather than slump into. i like that a lot.  it’s also a hide-a-bed and little A likes that a lot. George? he just likes everything a lot including dressing up;

big horned sheep monkey by you.

big horned sheepsilly together

the week of the tulips

day to day,home | Saturday, February 21st, 2009

day 1;

habit by you.

color by you.

day 3;

shadows by you.

day 6;

inspiring by you.

bathroom window by you.

day 7;

flower & pear by you.

i’m so proud of him proud of himself

adventuring & exploring,nature,playful | Thursday, February 19th, 2009

 it was a beautiful day for a ride (and walk) in the park. this was yesterday. we did something similar today. he so totally loves his bike. um and i am so totally camera happy.

bike rider in the park by you.

weeeee by you.

duck park playground by you.

off road by you.

totem pole by you.

over the bridgedown hilltotem

finding balance by you.

a favorite view by you.

daydream believer

day to day | Thursday, February 12th, 2009

(my mom played Anne Murray 8 tracks in the station wagon)

finally! he wants to ride. starting now with some practice up and down the alley and then soon, with some real good helmet persuasions…i’m imaging some good rides for us this summer. daydreaming.

like a bike by you.

these boys together nearly melted me. my little one has only ever connected so easily with one other. it’s so sad that they will be moving too soon.

in the alley alley ohalley boys

my mind is spinning circles with day dreams. the little one is spinning circles really truly. i thought to unwind with him in a living room dance session but now my daydreams are just muddled by the repetition of ‘sally go round the sun’ (i’m grateful it’s not Raffi – i’ve so been there done that).


so i dreamed of Italy but could only manage Bellingham at the last minute and round trip in 12 hours. it was a good day for a drive – over the bridge, through the tunnel and across the border.

good day for a drive by you.

i think i’m going to make like doudou here and flop my weight down. i wonder what he’s dreaming about.


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