celebrating Spring

it’s oh so quiet….

i know the blog is neglected when a number of folk email to see if i’m ok. thanks guys.  love you. the weeks are passing quickly, there are people i’ve not seen in what feels like forever, correspondence that is neglected, the studio is growing more and more cluttered and untidy, life is going on and is mostly pretty great.  i feel though that i am  still anxiously awaiting Spring’s arrival – there are so many hints of it and yet it’s the explosion of pink blossoms, Jericho bunnies and the arrival of Grandma P that i’m really waiting for before i truly feel it. soon soon. everything is happening just a few weeks later this year, including Easter.  we did manage to get to Maplewood Farm to see the white and pink bunnies yesterday. we went as a playdate with Little A’s newest best bud at school. it was totally adorable – they even Eskimo kissed goodbye. sweetness!

sleeping bunnies by you.

i think they're well fed by you.

you know what else is totally adorable? the things that little one’s say. i’ve started a magical thinking jar which of course includes a recent favorite; “i don’t want to cut my hair until May when the sheep get sheared” i can’t believe he remembered this from last year. we talked about the sheep getting sheared at Maplewood farm but we didn’t go since it was on my birthday and we were away. so sweet that he connected my birthday with the sheep shearing at the farm and warmer weather and a good time for a hair cut. i might be sad to see these locks fall but it will be nice to see his shining eyes again too.

happy snuggle bum by you.

so much hair by you.

Auntie’s birthday was a marker on our calender afterwhich Spring would soon follow.  we stopped in for a short play and ate chocolate cake for lunch;

happy birthday auntie by you.

after this weekend (snow is expected) we will search more adamantly for those signs of Spring and hopefully shed the woolen layers.

morning ride by you.

perhaps we’ll venture out to Jericho and offer carrot tops at the bunny holes.  i had a small dose of spring cleaning around the yard yesterday – it’s going to be so good this year in this new home.  we’ll plant a small garden…dreaming and anticipating warmer weather and all it’s magic.

Doll Crowns

creative community,shop | Sunday, March 15th, 2009

finally in the shop;

doll crowns by you.

Bamboletta Doll Crown - Squirrel Hold for TavaBamboletta Doll Crown -  Pink FlowerBamboletta Doll Crown -  Squirrel HOLD for BeavaBamboletta Doll Crown - Squirrel blueBamboletta Doll Crown - Spring Green MushroomBamboletta Doll Crown - red and turquoise toadstool

So aside from the crowns all these super cute doll clothes above are made by Jane which you can find here if you’re lucky.

i’m so tired. do i need a title?

creative community | Saturday, March 14th, 2009

We had some fun at Birth Fest this afternoon but i am wiped. it was loud with music and marching band & busy with people hanging out. it was super fun to share a space with Anna – i always love to see our things together and we had a bit of a Spring Easter theme going on. Her teethers were a hit as you can see and how adorable are the little bunnies and chick in egg? i need some for little A’s Easter basket. The lavender eye pillows were all scooped up for a Waldorf early child care class.  Yay. love that. Just a few photos and then i think i’m going to crash before dinner even. Thanks to those who came out to say hello! it made my day.

set upcrownedteether action

eye pillowsanna felts

sweet friends make these events all worthwhile.

we had some fun by you.

i wish i’d taken more photos around me. i was feeling a little overwhelmed and out of sorts really.

i’ll be updating the shop in the next day or so.

Birth Fest

artful projects,creative community,sewing | Thursday, March 12th, 2009

this Saturday at the Britannia Community Center on Commercial Drive, Vancouver. Come between 10-3. Entry is free, there will be music and plenty of giveaways. All Little Red Caboose items will be sold at the current etsy sale prices but in Canadian funds. woowee. First doll sale receives a wee wool filled baby to go with her. i look forward to seeing you local readers. Please come and say hello.

Myrraoh deerwee wool filled babies

spring green&yellow vineswhisky friskyUlenka

MilaBirth Fest 2009little red

i have lots of picnic placemats ready for Spring picnicking, bunting banners, wool felt balls, scarves, clutches, organic lavender eye pillows…

apple trees by you.

pears & mushroomsbunting flags

photo takergardeners & turnips

trees & mushrooms by you.


Twice a week we drive through Stanley park to and from preschool.  it’s the part of the commute that makes it all worthwhile. Of course the Waldorf school is worth it but i’ve never commuted so far for a job even. The first day to school i drove the typical route bumper to bumper from one bridge through downtown to another bridge. Little A asked if there was a festival that there were so many people awake in the morning? There damn well should have been. Traffic and commuting is soooo not my world and i was quite ready to let Waldorf go and commit entirely to homeschooling but then i discovered the park route. i think it must be longer in distance but it knocked 20mins off our time to miss all the traffic and lights. Now it is a beautiful and relaxing morning drive. Anyhoot, it was gorgeus out yesterday; blue skies and the forest steamy with sunshine drying dew. We made a stop at the beach and lost track of time. it was the day’s highlight writing letters and playing games in the sand.

Happy is for Birthday Grandma D (she’s a beach gal herself).

HAPPY by you.

happy birtday grandmahappy birthday

seaweed by you.

sea shellsthird beach

third beach by you.

tic tac toe by you.

tic tac toewaves

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