last day away

adventuring & exploring,family,nature,Okanagan | Sunday, April 26th, 2009

Across the road, up the hill and into the orchard. Even fruitless the trees offer us plenty. There’s been some pruning going on so hopefully the sun filled peaches won’t weigh the branches down too heavy as last year. i’ve been meaning to gather some cherry wood for more building blocks. i have procrastinated once again but hopefully there will be some dried branches when i return next.

into the orchard by you.


it was well past bed time and that pink in the sky invited us all for one last wander up the hill to gather long grass and to take in the view. We had to leave early the next morning and we weren’t yet satisfied.

evening wanderertall grass eveningpicking

bird on barbed wire by you.

a's photo of usburdock evening

little A & Grandma Pa's photo of us

evening wanderings by you.

sigh. it’s over already and so fast.

(i know i took too many photos and editing out was hard so i included many)

a good place to grow

beautiful people,celebrations,Okanagan | Saturday, April 25th, 2009

it was this little one’s 1st birthday which prompted the Spring visit to the Okanagan. it was a chilly afternoon, an awesome party and bbq near the lake with all the little ones taking over the playground and lots of familiar faces to connect with – love that – i wish i’d taken more photos and planned for more time away to get more visits in. more please;

Little Holly 1 year old by you.

proud parents, friends and cupcake baker (delicious N! Little A ate parts of 3 of them);

proud mamaproud papa

RcupcakeN & K

little gal’s big brother;

L by you.

my buds from waaaaay back when (plus the little Z);

E with little Z & MT & E

another day, another brunch and more visiting;

3 generationsE & A

KT & E

some solo time around town, taking in some favorite views;

eye spy by you.

ore carbike@beachgold mine

sicamousthis year's OK view

bike on beach by you.

friends around the farm

adventuring & exploring,family,farmers,Okanagan | Friday, April 24th, 2009

Grandma and Bestafa have chickens so we call it a farm. While we were visiting they added 30 laying hens and a rooster to their 13. it was some kind of hootenanny. They mostly live in a coop – bigger than the one they originally came from so i don’t feel so bad for them. The cleverest ones escape and run freely about the yard dusting themselves in the garden, digging up and pecking away anything freshly planted. They can really do some damage. Between them and the deer i don’t know how a garden ever grows there. it was a good game though, chasing and coaxing them back to the coop. Little A’s squeals were of pure delight.  if moulting and the idea of cleaning the poop didn’t creep me out so much i’d say a hen would make a fine and fun pet (i hear there’s been a new law passed that allows us to raise chickens in the city). Some of the ladies, as i like to call them, are currently moulting which i guess explains the variation of egg sizes and quantities.They sure are funny little friends.

hello?! by you.

she's really healthytroublesome hen

grandmaP's new chickensT &new chickens

Little A’s cat Happy has grown in size and not wits. While we were there he climbed himself up a 50 foot pine and spent 2 nights up there before figuring his way down again. Poor guy was more in need of cuddles than of food and water. Little A followed him around every other moment and claims the kitties to be the highlight of his entire trip. The deer and wild horses ranked pretty high too but he couldn’t pet them so interest was more quickly lost.

wild horsesHappy catneighbor's

Another highlight was playing with his friend Claire. He loves her. the 2 of them raced and played in and out of the corn field and vineyard, made up games, explored, worked out mild differences and laughed themselves silly.  it was awesome.

A & C by you.

he loves herpull pushbuds

top of the hill by you.

ready steady go by you.

i sure wish we could bring home that magic of friendship.

a few days away

adventuring & exploring,nature,Okanagan | Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

i’m certain i didn’t find this beauty when i actually lived in the Okanagan but each year i return and despite the season it raptures me in all it’s bleak and yet fascinating detail. i did not find asparagus. it is too early still (good excuse for another return sooner than later).  Not much is growing green here yet and the deer are munching away on what tender new growth there is. i did find burdock thistles, sticky things but not prickly or dangerous as the jumping cacti. The remains of the corn field were a playground for daily adventures and explorations. The photos do not do it justice but i like them still.

burdock by you.

tall grasscoupledcactus

i wish every day was earth day by you.

last year's corn by you.

discovering by you.

gathering corn for chickensgrandmaP

the mice are well fedexploring

peck by you.

more to come….

a little randomness before i go

celebrations,crafting,day to day,family | Friday, April 17th, 2009

While papa bear is away doing papa bear things, grandma P and i are pitter puttering about in the studio in to the wee hours. i have some events that i’m readying myself for, building up stock once again. this is much harder to do on those brighter days when the sun beckons me out and away. making a mess is essential and leaving the mess to return to is a bit of a luxury. i love having the space to leave my messes.

productive by you.

for me it’s the beginning of birthday season. From now until July there seems to be at least one birthday each week and come May i think a group of us cover close to 2 weeks of consecutive celebrations.

red by you.

earthyred  blue & yellow

caught in bunting flag photo shoot action from Little A’s Sunday photo files;

his of me by you.

i still need to take some detail shots before i can post any bunting in the shop but that will happen next week as we’re taking a wee break and heading to the Okanagan in search of sun, asparagus and other Spring events such as a little one’s very 1st birthday – looking forward to it all.

on the topic of birth and days… little O is  a big sister, S is a mommy times 2 and i got myself a good dose of newbie cuddles with little J.  xo. grandma P and little A stayed home to mow and rake and get up to their usual silliness.

teeny by you.

three beautiful galsfinally and with blue skies toolawnmower race

totally random, i know. i’m ever so sleepy. goodnight.

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