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beautiful people,creative community,farmers,shop | Monday, June 29th, 2009

All those fingers crossed worked – it was a beautiful sunny and cloudless sky for the market yesterday. This was my first outdoor market in a long long while and though my expectations were much lower than usual i was pleasantly surprised.

set up by you.

it was a good day in so many ways, mostly it was the people who made it.  Cheers B.

miss bethana by you.

Behind the scenes – always a gathering of regular market going friends.

behind the scenes by you.

behind the scenes by you.

some of the goods;

dollswool felt

i returned home to brunch in the afternoon. Gotta love that!

brunch in the afternoon by you.

and this;

last spot for sunsome kind of hat

Next market date is Sunday July 12. In the meantime i will be posting items in the shop as they are photographed.

farmer’s market

creative community,farmers,sewing | Saturday, June 27th, 2009

Locals come and find Little Red Caboose at the Kitsilano Farmer’s Market on Sundays June 28, July 12, August 9th and September 13th.

sleeping babushka by you.

clutch and go - ladybug and leaves

Waldorf Wool Felt Crown -  Safari

bunting flags - owls and mollybirds

market pants by you.

peas by you.

the neutral shades of this post reflect the natural quality of fabrics and fillings but the set up will be more like a rainbow explosion. you won’t miss us.

emma lea farms

After much humming and hawing about what to do i finally followed through with the day’s original plan to return to the island for more delicious berries. Is Summer passing all too quickly for you?  I can hardly believe there’s just 1 week left of picking these delectable fruits. I better call grandma for some recipes  or another jamless year will pass me by. Oh she’s more than generous with her bounty but it’s one of those things i’ve always wanted to learn and do all on my own. I’m sure it’s not difficult and i know i’ll have to suck it up and put sugar in (i am notorious for skimping on sugar when i bake and then wishing later for something sweeter) but i best get on it….raspberries are next in season and that is my most favorite jam of all time.

“Follow me” he says. “I know a short cut.” For weeks i’ve rather followed than carried. His walk is gimped but he’s walk hopping and last night he put on a “walk dance” show. Woowee (or yeehaw as he says wearing this hat) he’s on the mend.

shortcut by you.

cowboy by you.

john deere by you.

contemplating the field by you.

picker by you.

he went to the store for a pooh bear

day to day,parenting | Friday, June 19th, 2009

and fell in love with piglet.

he went to the store for a pooh bear by you.

oh this was a challenging letting go experience for me to just stand back and let my little one be.  i much preferred his original idea of saving up for a swimming pool but after realizing that he could buy (almost) anything he wanted with his lemonade stand money he rather quickly decided on a new friend, one of his “favorite authors” as he calls them – i think he means characters. i wonder if his love for pooh and piglet and curious george… is true love or in spite of my dislike of them. i try not to make a big deal about my own preference for natural non disney toys but he picks up on it i’m sure. any which way, this was definitely one of those times to just say yes. these 2 have been playing and chatting away together all afternoon. it’s been absolutely adorable and 100% worth it. everything in moderation right? he may be in love with a mass marketed disney character but he can still entertain himself with a simple paper bag for hours.

spooky ghost by you.


adventuring & exploring,delicious,farmers | Thursday, June 18th, 2009

over the bridge, on to the highway, through the tunnel, over another smaller bridge, on to the island… looking for berries! berries for jam (and smoothies and crumble, straight up and with cream).

strawberry fields by you.

Same island, different farm. The rows were more spaced and the plants less tall but the berries were sweet and delicious and the picking was good. ;

welcome by you.

berry pickerlooking for berries

so good.

berry picker by you.

i’m sure this is only the start of the strawberry posts. Next time we’re bringing friends along. i love the conversation between rows…oh especially when picking raspberries…i should take my note book to copy down all the secret recipes i hear. i love u-picks.

strawberry fields by you.

and just in case some of you haven’t read this though i’m certain most of you have;


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