seasons round exchange

Kyrie from Are So Happy has so cleverly organized a Seasons Round Exchange to inspire more magic in all of our nature table projects that we share with our children. This Autumn Harvest i was coupled with the lovely Emma whose words and photos i have long admired and followed. On this appropriate Fall afternoon our package arrived! yay. i’m so happy to have my hands on these beautiful autumn picnic adventure prints and i’m determined now to find myself a thermos flask to hold  the hot cocoa on our own such adventures.  So far the bar smells dark and delicious and i know it’s going to go well melted in our raw milk.

Emma's Autumn photos by you.

hot cocoa by you.

Little A wants to build this needle felted bear a den to hibernate in but i think first he has some Autumn harvesting and picnicking to do.

picnic bear by you.

Thank you Emma for your gifts, thoughtful words, seed gathering games and the feather which was promptly stuck into the little one’s chapeau. xo.

In exchange, little A and i sent off to England a play silk which we dyed in onion skins along with some of our other favorite Autumn nature table crafts. For Emma’s family. (Her own photo collage is so beautiful);

seasons round exchange by you.

Our own nature table space holds some things similar along with some seasonal books.

seasons round exchangeautumn nature table

nuts to youwoody hazel and little pipSeptember

there are many uses for a play silk;

onion skin playsilk by you.


raw creamhome made butterbutter, buttermilk & salt

Making butter from raw milk cream makes me feel more like the mama i often assumed and still somewhat aspire to be…the kind who lives on the land, grows her own vegetables, mills fresh grains, jams berries, churns butter… it feels so good to slow down and wonder and experiment and follow through with some real good intention. As a result, the butter is creamy delicious and we’ve also got some buttermilk to add to our biscuits later. i think we’ll do this often (i look forward to the developed biceps after all that shaking too).

tasting by you.

(editing in those buttermilk biscuits);

buttermilk biscuits by you.

We followed the directions from this video and while he says to shake the cream for just a few minutes, ours took much longer, more like an hour. We wandered around the hood this windy morning gathering freshly fallen chestnuts, all the while shaking our jar of cream.

on the mantle by you.

i just have to add some words that Alice from Home on the Range  sent me about making butter;

couple of hints:  when the cream is so fresh, it will take longer to
churn....2nd...if you put a marble in the jar, it will churn quicker (don't
shake too hard to break the jar..or find a stainless container, like a
thermos...then it doesn't matter how hard you shake.  You will feel the
difference when the butter breaks, so you won't need to see it during that


sweet baby gal

natural birth | Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Never before this birth have i seen a mom so capable and loving to labor and parent simultaneously and gracefully. i was quite in awe.

with child by you.

bathing belly by you.

The room was so full of love and support from a great group of birth lovers! Mama being a Doula herself supported by her best friend (also a Doula), her sister (also a Doula and Doctor of Chinese Medicine) and 2  midwives later joined by a third. Papa and the eldest son crept in to support in the final hours of a fairly long process and the youngest son woke just in time to welcome his new sibling.

the girls by you.

back supporttough ones

love&supportbirth pool

overwhelmed but only for a moment;

overwhelmed by you.

so much joy! a daughter, a sister, a niece, a friend.

a girlmama&babe

welcome sweet baby gal;

with auntie by you.

new little feet by you.

you are so loved;

gentle by you.

what Sunday looks like

crafting,day to day,family,home,playful | Sunday, September 13th, 2009

mostly the house is one big mess (inside and out) but these messes sort of make me smile.

My 5 year old taught me how to play chess again and we’re having some pretty good games. Grandma P passed on the uno from way back when and we also scored a mini snakes and ladders. it’s really not the weather for these sort of indoor games but it’s all perfect for these lazy stay near home kind of days.

what sunday looks like by you.

Something is becoming of all those days of rolling and wet felting little merino wool balls. This has been a perfect on the go project to keep my hands in constant motion….while waiting for ferries, at a home birth, while reading bedtime stories, sunning on the porch, over coffee at the cafe and today the little one and i got to do the fun part of gluing them in their tops. While we have gathered some fresh tops in the hood, the ones i’m currently using are dried from last year;

acorn wipwhat sunday looks like

i got to check out an awesome tomten puppet show earlier. i love that he can set the stage for an hour while i busy myself stuffing dolls after which we can come together for awhile before finding our interests separating once again. it’s mostly been an easy dance and flow today (aside from cleaning up).

what sunday looks like by you.

these are from a couple days ago but it looks and feels much like today.

art installation by you.

water colorbeeswax & soy

now the boys are catching up on their morning missed…playing alley hockey and hopefully venturing off to the park so i can tidy up a little.

those last weeks in August…

…were full as they often are. Perhaps it was the fall of the acorns that set me in a bit of a panic, grasping for more sunshine, more fruits, more spontaneity…

autumn in my pocket by you.

A peek at the forecast reveals that sunny Sundays might be over (at least for this week) and i reminisce. There certainly hasn’t been enough of baseball or bike rides.

batter up by you.

Amy silly boysnutcase

I hope to share a bit of a birth and a wedding in the next little while after i edit some hundreds of photos. i think these last jobs took the clickety click out of me as the Okanagan photos are sparse. Trust me though, the time was well spent in the orchards, at the beach, visiting friends and family (and cats).

in reachsomething new to pickin the land of peaches

OK by you.

and now this not so little one prepares for the gradual entry back to school. He’s not at all excited. In fact, he’s breaking my heart with his anxiety about it saying the only thing he likes about school is baking bread and that we can do at home.  i’m trying to be confident for him, knowing there is so much more that he enjoys that he’s forgetting or not thinking about. Fortunately his teachers are awesome and supportive of all sorts of quirks and situations. Still i can’t help crossing my fingers.

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