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At the preschool snack table yesterday the little ones called out about tv, what they like, how much they watch. i was surprised but not really. This week in particular has felt a little wild in the classroom as though many of the kids stayed in from the rain. i admit that we too have turned the movie on some – Mary Poppins is totally magical. i’m loving it – but – outside is better. While the day was gorgeous, sunny, brisk and beckoning i hope that i can keep up the oomph to explore outdoors even on the inevitable soggy West Coast in Autumn/Winter days.

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textureswild bird feed

i got to meet the lovely Fabiola and her beautiful family at the beach yesterday. short and sweet. i sort of wish i could have joined a caravan with them on their tour to the island. (i can’t seem to click and drag larger images from my flickr just now?)

fabiola's beautiful family

A & F & Asand angel


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without words.

the patch by you.

grandma's pickhim of me

choosing by you.

down up

so few left by you.

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just now by you.


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i have definitely cut into more of my favorite fabric stashes to stockpile for this event; japanese linens, etsuko canvas, aunty cookie, bamboo herringbone… i’m pretty excited to see it altogether in abundance. i am happy with the assortment of scarves and splurged on some super soft 100% wool patterns to blend in with the cottons and linens. i’ve really just made what i love and what i would want to buy for my little one and other gifts.


doll detailcotton linen & wool

squirrely by you.

bamboo cotton & linen

etsuko aviary by you.

Orlenda&Isidora&Tashiravery sweet

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well promoted

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Wow. When i met Sue Lavitt at an event 2 Springs ago she flattered me with compliments and urged me to participate in Vancouver’s first One of A Kind events. She followed up and followed through, answered questions and concerns and even when i decided not to do the 2008 show she still followed up for this year’s show and here i am…literally plastered all over the city. i have to say that i have been very well promoted for this event.

near Science World by you.

georgia straight by you.

photo credits – Alistair and Stacy;

oneofakindspaz with the camera by Stacy Rae

One of A Kind  by you.

Fashion Magazine & Russian Fever;


The buses and billboards have certainly kicked my butt in gear to have ample stock for the event and while i think i could still do with more there’s only so much a gal can make, all the while still enjoying the process. So far so good. i’m overwhelmed, yes, but production is steady and good. i’ve a gaggle of gals and riches of crowns amongst other play things, gifts and accessories. Previews to come soon i hope.

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