crafting,creative community,gifting | Monday, December 28th, 2009

from 1 – 86, the little one picked the number 60.

Matryoshka Doll - Malka

Malka will be mailed within BC to Tai and her 2 boys over at Small Wonder. it’s been such a long time since i’ve spent time perusing blogs, linking here and there getting lost and led to further inspiring sites. From Tai’s own inspiring blog i’ve tucked away a link to Enki Education for future thought and reading, i signed up (finally) for a year’s subscription to Living Crafts and i discovered Molly’s super sweet and awesome beeswax acorn tutorial. i’m certain there’s much more to explore so thank you Tai. Please send me your mailing address (my contact info is on my “about” page).

ps. a little sweetness over breakfast;

whispering secrets

the day after

adventuring & exploring,beaches,family,nature | Sunday, December 27th, 2009

if there couldn’t be snow then we had the best other option – thick, magical fog. i love that. so much.




a trail to followocean fog


papa’s back to work. the little one and i are into leftover ginger cookies and plan to bus out to the bookstore later to spend gift certificates.  the sun is shining. we’ll see where the day takes us. i hope you all continue to enjoy some cozy down time.


celebrations,family | Friday, December 25th, 2009

Thanks  for the calls, emails, notes, cards, love…
We’ve had a cozy morning in and a gorgeous sunny day sledding down the hills. The java log is burning (i know, city folk!), chicken is in the oven and maybe later we’ll cozy up for another viewing of the snowman. it’s been about as low key as we ever made effort to achieve.





fresh bright and fun

one of many runs

on his own

jing jing a ling

celebrations,home | Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

We’re having moments of festive moods around here – nothing too over the top but we’re enjoying the little bits of magic. Happiest Winter Celebrations to you friends!

not a lollipophabitHappy Winter Solstice

advent week 2 terranium ornament

introducing... first pet

a gift – i’m offering Malka to a cozy home where she will be loved and hugged. The little one and i will choose a name from the comments after the holidays.

Matryoshka Doll - Malka

edit – thank you.  the draw has been closed as of comment 87. i will post soon.

corners of my home

artful projects,day to day,home | Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

it was one of those days (and a sunny one at that) when each of us got into our own projects, coming together now and then but mostly moving about in our own ways. man i love that, rare as it is.  i’ve got a cough and bubble head so staying in most of the day with no one going stir crazy was about as perfect as it can get. it was a snap happy day inside and later we ventured out with the wagon on errands and around the hood.

DSC_1298felt garland.jpg

coffee cornerstash of little A's little folk

DSC_1405splish splash.jpg

snail and lichenfront hall mess

i’ve finally made use of one of the old typer’s drawers i’ve acquired and can’t seem to part with. i’ve had several which were used for bead trays back in my days of jewelry making. They’ve had impermanent uses since but the little one and i are both loving this idea of displaying the smallest of our treasures. it is strategically set up at our front door in hopes to empty full pockets before they find they find their way to the wash.



DSC_1369chestnut treasure.jpg

more corners (sorry. i was camera happy);

mantledining corner

and now what the little monkey was quietly up to while i was busy snapping this and that around home. “helping out the squirrels” he claims, by cracking chestnuts with the lemon juicer;

_MG_4547helping out hte squirrels.jpg

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