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adventuring & exploring,family | Saturday, February 27th, 2010

…do the tourist thing. we ventured amongst hoards of people to view the Olympic cauldron (you can smell it some blocks away). we had watched parts of the opening ceremony online and little A didn’t believe it was really real so it was cool for him to check out (i hope he doesn’t believe everything he might see on tv now). it was pretty fun being in the crowds of people too – lots of happy and nutty folk about.

with Uncle & Auntie;

Olympic cauldron tourists

o Canadadoing the tourist thingL

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cable line running over Robson Square – would be so fun if i weren’t so pregnant and if i didn’t have an aversion to line ups;


spectators to some pretty great free shows;


child photographer

family,full bellied,parenting | Monday, February 22nd, 2010

i love this shot that Little A took yesterday.  it was entirely his idea. He’s going to have a point and shoot to document his own version and experience of our birth when that time comes;

feeling huge

i love this shot of his too, taken early on at 18weeks – i must be cutting my nails or something but i love his perspective;

18 weeks

woolen rainbow

artful projects,crafting,creative community,shop,woolens | Friday, February 19th, 2010

it has arrived – super soft 100% Holland Wool Felt! i’ll need a week’s time to organize and cut into it but you are more than welcome to check out details here and place your order.100% wool felt


100 Percent Wool Felt - Available for Special Order


100 Percent Wool Felt - Available for Special Order

cherry blossom & crocus;

100 Percent Wool Felt - Available for Special Order

there are so very many creative projects to explore with wool felt. here are some of mine;

sweet hearts for my little love more mittsfelt garlandmoss & forestring of elvesmore felt ballslittle nestFranklittle birdsa moopy monkeysmall projectfelt cookiescatBaxter's got cool shoes

this morning

home,playful | Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

before the curtain’s drawn;

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drawing the curtain;

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construction on our street;

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inspired play. long enough for me to post about it;

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spacing naturally

full bellied,parenting,playful | Monday, February 15th, 2010

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A number of people have commented or asked me about the bigger age gap that will be between my children and while both were unplanned, happy accidents (well after some mild shock this time round) i really can’t fathom it having happened any sooner. Little A and i have had a good long and connected time together. It seems that space is naturally occurring in time for another to come along. Aside from some rather lethargic afternoons on my part and some impatient crabby hormonal moods along with some just plain “off” days, i’d say we’re doing mostly well at fulfilling each one’s needs and keeping rhythms going. i really wouldn’t have had the energy for this a year or more ago. i am relieved as the little monkey gets into some good play and projects. Now if i can just focus my nesting/cleaning around my own messes and leave his alone we’ll be dandy.

i love this miniature pop up made from post it notes and scotch tape;

standup fishing boat

this one both bugs me (because it’s over his bed and i keep catching it with the blankets) and cracks me up. it says, “ask Arlo and he will let you out of the trap”;

ask arlo and he will let you out of the trap

this 1 child percussion band set up is pretty funny too.  He put on his ear muffs and played along to the rhythm of my vacuuming.

1 child percussion band set up

there’s some kind of a show being set upstairs at the moment. i can hear a lot of things being moved here and there.  i’m just going to dart past and enjoy myself a nice long bath.

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