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shop | Saturday, March 27th, 2010

from now until Monday April 5th most items are marked down 20%. enjoy!

Lavender  Eye Pillow

Wool  Felt Crowns - pink cupcakes

Wool  Felt Crown - XOXO

Wool  Filled Matryoshka Doll -  Ariadna

picnic   placemat - orange pears and trees

Waldorf  Wool Felt Crown -  little red riding hood

Bunting Flags -  red

Waldorf  Wool Felt Crown -  Matryoshka Blue

Bunting  Flags -  blue horses and monkeys

Wool   Filled Matryoshka Doll -  Irina and friend

Wool   Felt Crown - springs chicks and sheep

Wool   Filled Matryoshka Doll -  Lidiya

Lavender   Eye Pillow

my mama’s “shift dress” & a celebration

celebrations,family,full bellied | Sunday, March 21st, 2010

my mom had 3 dresses that she wore on rotation to work when she was pregnant with her 1st.  no one at work knew she was even pregnant – her boss was furious that she was quitting. i guess back then one didn’t flaunt the belly quite like some of us do now. she quit the day before giving birth – finished at 4pm, started labor at 2am and birthed at 8am.

my mama's

this dress is rather busting on me and it’s the larger of the 3. one of them i wore in high school and it was tight back then- there’s no chance of ever fitting it again.  i contemplated wearing this to my sister’s birthday dinner last night but opted for stretchy once again and good thing because in addition to this;

creme brule

i also indulged in clam chowder and lobster. add lots of big belly laughter on top of that and voila! baby hiccups for an hour.

March babies – Happy Birthday!!!



pretty gals

faith in the cervix

natural birth | Saturday, March 20th, 2010

little A said to me the other day about these magnolia buds, “let’s open them up and see inside”.

No Caption

this reminded me of something Glo wrote;

Nine days ago, a student in my doula course brought me a beautiful
bouquet of white lilies which I put into a vase full of water.   I
pointed out to the doulas that some of the flowers had "fully dilated"
and were displaying their exuberant female genitalia while others were
closed up tight or just a fingertip dilated.  I asked the students what
they thought might happen if I "helped" the closed ones to open a bit by
manipulating the delicate petals.  They were horrified at the thought,
of course, and were completely confident that the flowers would work
things out on their own.

The flowers were left to themselves and gave off a lovely aroma to those
who came in and out of the office through the week.  On the fifth day
that they were in my care, they served as a model for a midwifery course
on the vulva, vagina and cervix.  Still a few of these flowers seemed to
be stuck in "failure to progress".  They were unyielding and refusing to

This morning I went into the office and noticed that some of the lilies
had turned brown.  These were the early bloomers and, as I picked them
off and discarded them, I noticed that every single blossom had fully
and perfectly bloomed.  The office had been closed for three days.  The
bouquet of lilies had been alone, dark and unassisted and all had
bloomed into full beauty and splendour.  They had only received one big
drink of water when I originally put them into the vase.

These flowers are such a beautiful metaphor for having faith in the
perfection of birth. 

Gloria Lemay, Vancouver

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i am learning/noticing that in comparing my 2 pregnancies this one is not at all the same as the last.  i had it real easy with little A in so very many ways.  i’m not saying that things are super tough this time but i really need to let the first experience be just that and open up to the new way my body wants to stretch and grow as a vessel for this babe. i’ve been experiencing an assortment of pains and tweaks these past months that have been making me uncomfortable and feeling anxious, scared about how this birth experience could be really painful. i was reminded by Glo with a story, that feeling pain in childbirth is essential so one knows how to move ones body. it clicked. i had been trying to move and do things the way i did in my first pregnancy and when it wasn’t working i felt like i was flailing, tensing up with more pain. this new yoga class i’m going to, they dance and make a lot of noise and it’s so fun and it feels so good to find new movement – so that’s where i’m off to this morning.

belly cast with little A

a quick project – i freshened up little A’s receiving blankets and sewed on some beautiful linens.

quick sew

quick sew

home study – flowers

we just love them. that’s all there is to it.


window box


today it's all about flowers

flower pressing;

i wander’d lonely as a cloud
that floats on high o’er vales and hills
when all at once i saw a crowd
a host of golden daffodils
beside the lake, beneath the trees
fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

from Daffodils – William Wordsworth

flower press

we scored A Child’s Book of Flowers by Janet Marsh at the thrift store last year and in addition to the sweetest illustrations there are little poems and verses;



buttercups and daisies
oh, the pretty flowers;
coming ere the springtime,
to tell of sunny hours.

-Mary Howitt

No Caption

yesterday we were out with some new friends; beaching, wandering, flower searching and snapping shots. C and her gorgeous belly are due 1 month before me….exciting times! and our kiddos got on pretty nicely too! (i hope you don’t mind i’ve posted this C. i really love it. of course i’ll remove it if you wish)

c & belly

going on a flower hunt

home study – birds

Our Spring break has begun and what gorgeous sunshine we’re having. We’re taking the opportunity to explore some favorite places. This time of year we tend to focus on the birds, their nests, their eggs and their habits. Last year we found ourselves in exactly the right place at the right time to witness a goshawk capturing duck for lunch. Recently we happened upon a heronry right in Stanley Park, a place we’ve driven past several times each week and only just noticed.  After some googling, we’ve learned that the Pacific Great Blue Herons do not migrate. They live in the marshlands and shoreline of our beaches feasting on frogs and stickleback and nesting from March through to July. Their eggs are pale blue and there may be up to 3 chicks in a nest. The park raccoons have taken a liking to the chicks as a meal and so you’ll find that most of the tree bases containing nests will have metal sheets wrapped around to prevent the raccoons from climbing. The young birds are still prey to bald eagles, hawks and great horned owls. oooh if only we could go owling. I’d love to see one.


Some favorite bird books have been pulled out, our crow mobile is hanging in the front window and the little one is keen to do more activities…like build a bird box. Any other activity suggestions are gratefully welcome.


Birds, Nests & Eggs (Take-Along Guides)

About Birds:  A Guide for Children

An Egg Is Quiet

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