calling all tooth fairies

celebrations,parenting | Friday, April 30th, 2010

This night it is a special night
As fairies dance upon the roof.
All the fairies must alight,
For Little A just lost a tooth!

The Fairy Queen gives her commands-
Twelve bright fairies must join hands
Then together in a circle stands
To guard Little A while he sleeps.

The Tooth Fairy into the circle leaps
The hidden tooth she borrows
Ah, but has far to go
Before returning tomorrow.

Three times around the world she flies
Over valleys deep and mountains high;
Skirts the storm clouds thick with thunder,
Wings over waves all wild with wonder.

Deep within their earthly homes
Finally she finds the gnomes,
Who upon the tooth must work
Never once their magic shirk.

Some are hammering, hammering, hammering,
Some the bellows blow
Others sweat at the sweltering forge
And then cry out, “Heigh Ho!”

The tooth’s been turned to a shining stone,
A glimmering, glowing gem
The tooth Fairy takes the gnomes’ good gift,
And bows  to all of them.
Before the sun’s first rays are shown,
She returns to Little A’s bed,
And then – – – away she’s flown!

(my apologies. i can’t remember where i’ve copied this poem from and i’ve modified it some too. if anyone knows please share.)

tooth & treasure

they call it nesting

creative community,family,full bellied,woolens | Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

i took advantage of some sunny days and a boost of short lived yet well used energy to wash the woolens and get ready for little diaper bum (i’m sure i’ll coin a better nick name than that soon);

getting ready for diaper bum

grandma knit socks

i used Eucalan this time but when the bottle runs out (and i imagine it won’t be long) i’m going to make my own wool wash with lanolin, baby shampoo and lavender oil;


if you haven’t heard of her already, check out Nikki McClure. i love her images and recently discovered these ones to hang in my planned birthing space;

nikki mcclure

ok all of you 2nd time mamas; i have a request for your insight and ideas. i would like to put together a “nursing basket” or “jar of ideas/projects/poems” that my little one can go to when his mama needs to be with baby. i want to come up with some surprises and things that he will be excited about, things he can do on his own or quietly near the nursing duo. i would love to hear your input. Something i found today that i love and will keep stashed are these coloring in pages from Yaelfran (i’m eyeing up some of her sticker books too);

3 Coloring pages - Carrying love

your input here is greatly appreciated. xo.

shop stuff.

shop | Sunday, April 18th, 2010

i’ve got some fresh crowns up in the shop;


Wool Felt Crown - Cupcakes


Wool Felt Crown - Ballet Dancers

Life is Beautiful;

Wool Felt Crown - Life is Beautiful


Wool Felt Crown - Owls


Wool Felt Crown - Purple Bubbles

I’ve adjusted all January listings to reflect 25% off.

Wool Felt Crown - JoyChild's Scarf - ladybugs and flowers Doll  CrownsChild's Scarf - brown bearsWool Felt  Crown - springs chicks and sheep

“dance like the wind is howling through your hair”

full bellied | Thursday, April 8th, 2010

 i’m so excited about these shots my sister took. i wasn’t sure how they’d turn out as it was a crazy windy day but my sister is magic with her camera. we had planned to go out and take some belly photos during low tide on my mom’s birthday which was also a full moon but it was pouring rain, stormy, windy and indeed howling. we missed low tide but there was a 15 minute opportunity when the clouds parted so we went for it – super fun. little A thought we were ridiculous; laughing and spinning in the wind while he played in the sand with his trucks.

34 weeks

34 weeks

34 weeks

34 weeks

34 weeks

34 weeks

34 weeks

34 weeks

34 weeks

photo credit – Leanne Pedersen Photography

knit purl

crafting,day to day,woolens | Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

i received a beautiful and thoughtful gift from Jodi last week including 1 of her prenatal yoga meditation cds (i love love love listening to her voice and accent) as well as some organic woolen yarn that is so very soft and in the colors i seem to be most attracted to recently – purple and teal/turquoise. she’s the best! my new mantra is k1 p1.  i’ve been so crabby and down lately and the knitting really is a meditation. i guess that’s why there’s so many wip around. most of them are near completion, needing i-cord trims or a bit more wool – minor setbacks. i was getting tired of losing things out of my knitting bag pocket so i splurged on a bolga basket to keep stray needles and such from rolling away. i love how everything is now mildly scented with sandalwood – makes me want to knit even more. i can think of many uses for these baskets…i’m thinking portable diaper station, market basket, “what we’re reading” basket… oh man, i just realized that even the basket i chose is purple and teal.

wip knitting basket

the little one has his own size too which has had many uses over the years;


the following pilots caps and longies are knit with a long time favorite merino yarn. there have been many scarves but mostly it’s been stashed until recently.


more longies - not pink

Little A’s wish list includes a pilot cap in red (of course);

oh and i’ve joined ravelry as ellap(as if i need any more computer linking and perusing).

edit April 14th the red pilot cap;


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