sweet kids

i had so much fun with these 2 little ones the other day.  i’ve photographed this gal i think 4 times now and it’s amazing to see her grow over the years – shy and cheeky much like little A. her little brother just kept filling my pockets with treasures.




lucia in the sky


quiet hours

day to day,home,parenting,playful | Friday, August 20th, 2010

randomness around home. i think my kids are awesome;


hoppy sails

kids on the roof – totem city;

it rained all day

cartwheeled out;

hanging at home

this morning little A said to me after hearing little M’s explosion, “i bet the little munchkin is proud of himself”. yes i hear myself in that statement;

m's laundry pile

i have knitting time! another pair of picky pants in 4 colorways to use up the leftovers. love them;

yarn end longies

random hits but more frequent misses at this point.  still learning the cues;

random hits


6 going on 12;

so cool

to Munroe love Arlo (sharpie on fabric);

to Munroe love Arlo

knitting nancy (the tool not him);

No Caption

knitting nancy

“it’s my room. i can do what i want.” We’re reading Charlotte’s Web at bed times so i assumed he was weaving a web but no, it’s for a circus tight rope show.

it's my room i can do what i want

i just hope he can untie them as well as they’re knotted;

it's my room i can do what i want

water painting – a happy sun and a happy little balloon – this is looking a little like Bob Ross;

No Caption

M’s new favorite spot. i can’t believe he digs the maya wrap of all slings. so far so good but he’s only 14lbs and sure to grow heavier on my 1 shoulder;

maya wrap

we’re spending more time at home than i think i’m comfortable with during summer but they are both so happy at home until about 2/3pm when we finally get out to do something.


day to day,home | Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

M sleeps through most of the night and into the morning;

No Caption

No Caption

morning nap;

morning nap

afternoon nap;

afternoon nap

No Caption

both my boys are good sleepers for now;

sleepy boys

No Caption

i’m sure it will all change but it’s all good for now.

3 months

celebrations,family | Monday, August 16th, 2010

passed fleetingly. i am sooooooooo enjoying this little love.

No Caption

No Caption

No Caption

No Caption

No Caption

No Caption

and i think little A is enjoying him just as much.

No Caption

(circus tricks – somersaults);

arlo somersaults

another beach day

beaches,day to day,delicious | Friday, August 6th, 2010

Spanish Banks @ low tide to watch the skim boarders, dig more holes and dip our toes;

bare toes

Littlest bean is a mellow fellow but he startles easily. i felt his little body tense at the sound of each wave rolling at our feet. Sometimes Little A’s quick enthusiasm sends Little M’s arms up over his head before his lower lip turns upside down trembling. It’s so very dear and we’re quick to reassure that all is well with the world.

No Caption

Spanish Banks

Little A was really proud of his baby brother for grabbing hold of the umbrella – he requested i take this photo.

No Caption

Post beach take out. There was no getting around it. Sweetbean M was excited seeing his big brother so excited;

No Caption

No Caption

Himalayan High.  i’m really trying to minimize our waste but i’m exhausted trying to explain it in a creative way to my 6 year old.  He says “yes, but can we still get one?” and so we did and it was good. on my list of things to acquire and carry on us are our own cups and some stainless steel straws.

No Caption

I think tomorrow will have to be a day without sand. The beach is a love hate experience for me.

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