hallow’s eve

celebrations,playful,seasons,woolens | Sunday, October 31st, 2010

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cleaning and carving

not too spooky;

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Little A has been planning their costumes since his sibling was in utero. i love it. i love that i was able to finally make my kid’s costumes. It has been my intention each year but then Halloween always seems to arrive more quickly than i can plan for. Anyhow, we did it this year – yay! Little M’s costume is made from one of Little A’s hand me down sleepers. Little A’s was found in the girl’s section. It’s a velour outfit on which we had to cover some rhinestones with red felt as well as remove a “diamond” zipper. A has been blanket stitching in Kindergarten and sewed some of his own letters on even. love that! He wasn’t keen on wearing a wig so we settled on this pattern and soft organic cotton to look like fun Thing 1 & 2 hair.

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our own Suessical;

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outakes. Little M was a good sport most of the day. He just really rather have a cuddle in this moment;

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sweet big brother;

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Auntie & Uncle came to play once again. good times.

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She’s the night;

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the 5 mckays

beautiful people | Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

i love this beautiful family. these are photos from another year but i’ve been thinking of them recently as they live an adventuresome life out of their Barthmobile and Yurt soon to move into their newly built straw bale home in Ontario. to me they are living a dream.




autumn play


DSC_2794family beach.jpg

DSC_2888cute couple.jpg

_MG_7302side view.jpg

boys and their trucks

day to day,home,playful | Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

the sickies have hit our home and moods have been cranky all around. this, however, was a good and happy playtime. M loves his trucks, or rather, he prefers his brothers trucks to his little blue car.

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Little bean makes truck noises for Little A;

playing together

he really wants these trucks!…and i think soon he’ll have them no problem.

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During the week we’re getting up far earlier than ever so that Little A can have ample play time outside before Kindergarten (which is going amazingly well by the way!). The time that we return home now is the time that we used to be heading out the door in summertime so while the days are growing shorter it feels that our days have gotten longer – fuller rather. Some afternoons find us coaxing Little M to nap long so that we may get into some of our projects together. Usually this is a fun creative time between us like the good old days.

first needle felting

blanket stitching star wands to be;

blanket stitch!

using up broken bits;

we made crayons

playing with leaves;

more after school projects

playing with leaves

leaf men

hammering & glueing;

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we each made Little M a taggy toy since he loves to suck on his clothing. Little A wrapped his up to give M for Christmas;

arlo made for munroe

kitchen experiments involving old coffee beans, flour, bubbles and water;

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baby alpaca

woolens | Thursday, October 7th, 2010

My previous attempt to make Little M a hat turned into a dress up hat for Little A. This time i modified the pattern some and came out with more of a newborn size;

so i tried again for a slightly bigger fit and somehow ended up with a doll hat – oops but ok. third try was perfect! 1 skein 3 hats.

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