November at home

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spying on the kiddies @ play


for Fabs

big bro puts on a puppet show

just being his sweet self

we need new bath toys


first snow – Nov 20th;

first snow

believe in elves

wait a minute; wasn’t it just September? i’ve been going through the motions and here i find myself nearing December in disbelief.  Advent begins this Sunday! 2 days and i’m only just a little organized. i’ve many lists to make and more challenging to execute with curious eyes following my every move. Little A wants to believe in the elves so badly and does still to some extent but he wonders if maybe i work for the elves a little. he’s growing so fast – i hope to keep the magic going at least another year! by then he’ll be ready to do some elf work of his own for his little brother i’m sure. i’m not the only one behind schedule. Our Kindergarten classes celebrated St. Martinmas  today with a day time lantern walk.

lantern walk

snow in November this year! let the magic begin;

me & mand they're off...

Waldorf Christmas Fair

it was a success in so many ways; the set up was smooth and as usual our table was an explosion of color.  there was a good flow of people and this year i know so many more parents and little ones so there were ample visits and conversations. there were even gifts of apple buns and chocolate biscotti – mmm. Little M was an absolute dream baby – he was happy, he slept,  he charmed – no complaints.  Anna was awesome to set up with as always. i love our stuff together and i love her so it was a great way to spend the days.

our woolens;


i love love love these hot water bottle covers – of course they are sold out and i hope Anna makes more for our next event;

hot water bottles

so much woolen goodness;

gathering of gnomes

plenty of crowns – i made plenty, sold plenty and have plenty left too;


fun masks and felt garlands;

fun felts

st. nicholas has a new home.

st nicholas

rainbows at the Waldorf Christmas Fair

Lots of little rainbows for the Waldorf Christmas Fair this weekend! Come Friday evening (6-8pm) to shop without the littles or bring the whole family on  Saturday (10am-3pm) for various other events – our favorites being the puppet show and candle making.

needle books;

saturday's rainbow

matching pin cushions;


tooth fairy treasure bags and poems;

sunday's rainbow

conference of elves;

monday's rainbow

a gnome’s home;

home for a gnome

wee treasures;

tuesday's rainbow


wednesday's rainbow

for the tree;

thursday's rainbow

this and that and other colorful things;

moss & forestfelt garlandwoolen treesline upsweetsnature giftsspecial delivery

Mention this rainbow post at the event and receive 10% off.

Waldorf Christmas Fair

the parent room

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While Little A is in Kindergarten, Little M and i hang out in the parent room next door.  it’s a bright space where mamas and wee ones, too wee for school, hang out, visit and have tea. Come the weekends Little M misses all those mama’s extra arms and cuddles.

the parent room

little gift from Lena today


The parent room has been bustling the past weeks as we recruit creative mamas to make items for the school table at the Christmas Fair. i feel like there’s been so little time to execute all the great ideas.L has been the super crafter… teaching newcomers this and that while coming up with new ideas for various Fair set ups. She’s awesome.

L's many projects

L’s penguins;

L's penguins

one of L’s playscape, my weird little gnomey;


autumn fairies;

autumn fairies

Little M gets a good cuddle while i oogle the sweet wee folk necklaces that have been a wip the past couple days.

wee folk necklaces

M loves these – i hope some other little ones love them too.

felted balls

L’s owl and stump;

L's owl&stump

The Christmas Fair is this weekend folks. Come if you’re local.

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