December – a summary

celebrations,day to day,family,home,seasons | Friday, December 31st, 2010

go fish;

go fish

getting the tree home;

getting the tree home

big time teething;


lots of paper star making;

oh tree

elving and gifting for my littles;

thank you

No Caption

loving this wee guy in all his funny ways of growing up;

sweet bottom

falling in love with the forest again;


slinging and sleepwalking;

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No Caption

not missing the commute during the holidays;


1 of many of Little A’s advent calendars;

advent calendar

little bits of Little A all around the home. this one – he blanket stitched his playstand with one of his finger knit chains;

blanket stitch with finger knit

making time with good friends;

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being together;

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winter tree

celebrations,day to day,home,nature,parenting,seasons | Thursday, December 30th, 2010

yesterday morning as i undressed the tree and swept up the pine needles, i found myself thinking already of next year….how it will be different, better, simpler, fuller. i wish i could say that i’m just happy, but the flu and fevers among other things have got me feeling muddled. i don’t get much into that stuff here in lalaland but today i  feel like simply mentioning it. it seems a lot of us have not felt well over these holidays and i suppose it’s not all bad in that it slows us down and turns us inward. i’m not having any great epiphanies but i’m just rethinking (and daydreaming) things big and small.

the day’s big outing in the yard – decorating our Winter tree;

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No Caption

No Caption

No Caption

No Caption

No Caption

skies are pink and blue this early morning.

baking day

delicious,playful,seasons | Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

i thought i was organized having the flour mixed, the butter softened overnight and the cutters layed out but still the entire day, from sunrise through the afternoon, was spent mixing, cutting, icing, decorating…

baking day

Little A was too excited and skipped breakfast but i was adamant that he eat something good for him before delving in to the treats. he was sneaky now and then but then so was i. we had some decent sweets mixed in with the naughty no nos.

No Caption

this recipe (from the joy of cooking!) was perfect in comparison to other attempts.

No Caption

No Caption

extra creative in our kitchen;

No Caption

No Caption

fun times and silliness all the day;

No Caption

7 months

my wee babe is 16lbs, growing fast and chubby and is nothing short of awesome. xo.

sometimes he's serious

early morning in the parent room.


Fabiola‘s cashmere bunny brothers are also awesome – thank you mama! Little A insisted that they come to Kindergarten for the end of term celebration. He loves being matchy matchy with his little brother – these are perfectly sweet.

brother bunny dolls

festival of plants

celebrations,waldorf learning and living | Thursday, December 9th, 2010

this 2nd week of advent we celebrate the plants. we will choose our tree and spend much time decorating and admiring. we will gather kindling bundles, hopefully take a wander in the forest, make bird seed pine cones and stick stars and play wild craft…

haha. i have to laugh because what’s written above was a draft i started at the beginning of the week. St Nicholas did come and fill our slippers with treats and treasures;

St Nicholas evening

St Nicholas morning

now, nearing the end of the week i find that we are still without a tree, the kindling basket is barely full, the forest is drenched and our boots are dry and we’ve done very little more than get to school and back so here’s to a change of plans for this post – i’ll title it Kindergarten – a place where we three have been spending ample time. sometimes i sneak in to use the kettle before the class comes in from playing outside. this time M had a little play about and i brought my camera;

kindergarten snowflakes

kindergarten aprons

painting day

kindergarten doll

St Nicholas

teething on anything;

teething on anything

m in kindergarten

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