January recap

adventuring & exploring,day to day,seasons | Monday, January 31st, 2011

 walking the seawall while brother is in school;

sea wall

Sunday with papa;

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New Year’s wishing;

New Year's stone

lots of ice and not much snow;

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bits of sunshine;

blinked in the sunshine

brunch (yes that is a lot of whipping cream on my french toast and camembert);

good things

at home;

sunday = pancakes where's munroenew in the corner


M digs A's tricks

new projects;

still his sling of choice though i think i need to put him on my back more;

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coffee dates with S;

some sundays

go fish with S.

go fish

friends are beginning to wonder again… why i’m quiet around here. it’s nice to catch up, hear their voices, see each other when we can. the trek to kindergarten is beginning to wear on me and i find myself out of the moment and wishing for summer’s free flow but we’re doing alright here. thanks for checking in.

my kids crack me up

day to day,parenting | Thursday, January 27th, 2011


monkey tricks

and sillier;

don't take me out

enjoyed a wee bit of sunshine today! man i’m craving summer and more day light these days.

Burns Supper

celebrations,creative community | Sunday, January 23rd, 2011

or at least the beginning of it. we had to leave just as the haggis made it’s entrance. what a fun celebration though – such a good idea Uncles James. before this i had never even heard of a Burns Supper.

Burns supper

from Tam O’ Shanter

“…but pleasures are like poppies spread; you seize the flower, it’s bloom is shed; or like the snow fall on the river, a moment white – then melts forever…”

it’s beautiful no? that’s what comes to mind as i recall studying Burns.  if there is a teacher who inspired me at all or at least caught my attention i would have to say it’s Jean Padwick from day 1 of English Literature 12 when she had us move our desks to form a circle then called us 1 by 1 to receive our text book for the year. she was full of quirky, unforgettable lessons; one windy autumn day she scurried us outside to holler into the wind –  Shelley’s ode to the Wild West Wind and to this day, well each fall on a windy day, fragments of that poem surface in my mind and i find myself searching it out to read again.  each week she would give us 4 words, all of similar meaning, to memorize, in hopes that we would recognize 1 of them and easily gain 3 new words – by Christmas we had our “vocab song” to the tune of  Deck the Halls which we sang throughout the hallways, annoying most of the other classes in session but i can’t forget the song, the words and all their meanings  – so while it’s not Burns it is for the sake of literature;

Jean Padwick’s Vocab Song – to the tune of Deck the Halls

Ample, Spacious, Commodious, Capacious

Appease, Mollify, Propitiate and Pacify

Dulcet, Melodious, Mellifluous,  Euphonious

Glib, Fluent, Articulate and Eloquent

Combative, Belligerent, Bellicose and Truculent

Exuberant, Buoyant, Effervescent and Ebullient

Diligent, Industrious, Assiduous and Sedulous (i skipped this week of school so i falter)

Gall, Audacity, Effrontery, Temerity.

hey thanks

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clutch and go - deer and leaves


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New Year's Day

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one of these days i hope i feel like writing some things again. for now i like taking pictures.

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