good and right

day to day,family,home,seasons | Sunday, February 27th, 2011

it snowed all night and the little one woke up in a delightful mood – woowee! wish i could say the same for myself but i stayed up waaaay  too late and morning came quickly and brightly with light reflecting off all that freshly fallen white. i was sneaking bites of mint chocolate with my decaf coffee this morning in hopes for a wee sugar rush to get me going. aii. we bundled up and out in good time before the rain. 2 snowmen, some shoveling, yard sledding and many tracks later we tucked in for pancakes (breakfast #3 this Sunday). i have to say the day turned out to be pretty great considering my groaning about it earlier in the day. Little A and i made a fun puppet show of snow white and the 7 dwarfs. he and his little brother blew my mind with their love for one another.  i sewed some. Grandma P arrived in time for dinner and is staying the week while papa is away. now if i can just wind myself down for a sound night’s sleep i’ll be starting the week off good and right tomorrow….

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winter spring

day to day,nature,playful,seasons | Saturday, February 26th, 2011

there’s been talk and anticipation of snow for a long while now.  skies have been blue and the sun has fooled many a crocus into bloom. ah, but it is nippy cold – even my warm hat is not so warm and indeed now some flakes are falling. i’m not sure how long it will last before rain and slush prevail so carpe diem – sieze the opportunity to make some tracks.

IMG_0549giant flakes.jpg

IMG_0594winter spring.jpg

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winter spring


beautiful people,creative community,playful | Monday, February 21st, 2011

such a thoughtful gift from Michelle. xo. we love these handmade bubble blowers soooo much and we’ve had some good sunny weather to get out and enjoy them.

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bubble paraphenalia

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celebrations | Monday, February 14th, 2011

love notes from previous years on the nature table;


Little M and i snuck off during Little A’s kindergarten so we’d have a surprise to put in his mailbox;

we love you arlo

new glasses are a hit;

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another photo booth series from Little M’s early days that i’ve been meaning to post;

on the fridge

love bug in disguise;

love bug in disguise

before sunset

adventuring & exploring,beaches,day to day,nature | Saturday, February 5th, 2011

trying to keep a fluid and creative rhythm to balance out the seemingly mundane school week of waking early, getting to and from kindergarten, settling little M for a nap, projects and story time with Little A, dinner, bath, bedtime and then getting ready to do it all again.  getting outside for a little exploration in the afternoon helps to keep me going. i was so grateful for Little A’s idea to go looking for seagulls?! in the end it was the giant puddles, the murder of crows gathering before sunset and the digging to China that delighted him and i both.

puddle deep;

puddle deep

winter trees & crows;

winter trees&crows

this is typical Vancouver – layers of clouds, rain in parts and behind me clear blue and sunshine. one needs to dress in layers here. it took me years to sort that out and i often have a change of boots or shoes in the trunk. the last few days have been icy cold and yet i’ve seen several cherry trees already blossoming. soon many Vancouverites will be getting out of their ruts, myself included.

city before sunset

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my warm hat;

my warm hat

hello weekend!

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