for Japan :: one thousand wishes

buy handmade to help send wishes, love and desperately needed funds to japan. Ali Nash of the dotted line is setting up shop and all proceeds will be donated to the Canadian Red Cross Japan Earthquake and Tsumani Fund. i have a couple of items to list;

for Japan :: one thousand wishes

baaaa hop hop hop

creative community,waldorf learning and living | Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

@ the VWS Spring Market this weekend! (indeed these are the fabulous fig and me lamb and bunny babies for your Easter baskets and forever pocket pal). photo credits – Fabiola Perez

VWS Spring Market

Come fill your Easter baskets! We will be having our first Spring Market at the VWS next Sunday 10-3. These are just some of the photos that i have taken. Check out our facebook page for more and there’s even more still that you will just have to come and see for yourselves!

sewing for Easter bunny boywhat A's up to

sweet and sour

day to day,home,playful | Saturday, March 26th, 2011

The wee ones and i found this lemonade stand/grocery store (depending on which way you turn the awning) by the dumpster outside the toy store last night on our evening wander. i hauled another piece home by stroller and went back for this one.  it needed some wood glue and cleaning and voila! good thing we had lemons at home.  Little A made 7 sales plus tips and he’s headed to the toy store tomorrow for magic tricks. he’s awesome. The stand is a tad garish for my simple, minimalist all wood preference but it is perfect for the yard.

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my boys

creative community,day to day,family | Thursday, March 24th, 2011

Little A loves to match his clothes with his brother. it’s not easy matching them 6 years apart but when we do he wants to “document it”;

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dodging the inevitable bite. ai. how to make him stop?! he really hurts us sometimes;

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omg the love! no one could ever have explained or prepared me for this much love.

omg the love

he’s even sharing his most favorite lovey! If you know little A then you know how huge a deal this is;

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and a little more sweetness – a gift from our friend on the island. Thank you Andrea!! We were so pleasantly surprised to arrive home with these on our door step. You’re awesome!;

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