blueberry picking with my cubs

i think in another week or so that blueberry land will be more ripe, more abundant and in the clumps that i so love to pick. it is confirmed once again this year that these are most favorite berries for picking and i think the cubs agree!

in blueberry land

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double handed picker

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Little M was great to have a long to save those perfect berries freshly fallen;

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in blueberry land

he ate and ate and ate...

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man i love picking with these guys. they’re the best.

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he makes us laugh everyday.

(i love all three of these last photos – i couldn’t choose just 1)

little bits

artful projects,creative community,sewing | Sunday, July 24th, 2011

for Genevieve who wrote;

“Oh the possibilities are endless…I would probably make some more patchwork pillowcases as the ones I made 9 years ago are getting threadbare. Those beautiful bits would be so lovely mingled with vintage linens.”

i’ll be in touch for your mailing info.


mornings. good ones.

adventuring & exploring,day to day,farmers,seasons | Thursday, July 21st, 2011

i have always loved the very early mornings before the rest of the world wakes up, but i have sort of lost it over the past few years, suffering insomnia for years now and being far from “perky” come the little ones’ wake up time between 6-7am. being off school we’ve really slackened any rhythm and i’m afraid we’ve degenerated to some very lazy ways. recently though i’ve been making a greater effort to wake and create a new rhythm which strays a little farther from my habit of perusing online over coffee. a little perusing is ok but you all know how one thing leads to another and now of course there is pinterest…. far too many distractions from my real life and so i need to find the oomph to just get out and explore again as we so often used to. a few mornings we’ve taken the bikes out and i love riding with my boys in the misty morning before there’s any traffic. today was also a really great morning. we never tire of berry picking. i was hoping to find the blueberry fields open but they are only “almost” ready so we picked raspberries to freeze for jam making another day.

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picking and looking ahead for the next. i do the same thing. the abundance can be overwhelming, making it hard to stay right there in the moment. such is life no?

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this morning

always looking to his brother, wanting to follow, keep up and be a part of it all;

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they are mostly really good to one another. i’m lucky for that.

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the lack of thorns on this particular variety really allows one to get right into the bushes. so many times he was out of my sight.

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“so blueberries tomorrow?” we shall see.

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trimmings & remnants

in efforts to purge and tidy some corners of my home, i found myself drawn mostly to the studio and while it’s far less than the organized i had hoped to achieve, i do have several fabric trimming and remnant packages to offer in the shop.

trimmings & remnants

5.5 ounces of pinks and some purples;


many shades of green (6.3 oz);


earthy browns (5oz);


from sunny to mustard and a little bit of orange (4.5oz);


RED! (4.7oz);


blues (5.9oz);


b/w & grey (5.7oz);


i also have basket of itty bitty bits of cool fabrics to ‘give away’ including cotton and linen designer fabrics and Japanese fabrics. this is for someone who loves textiles and has the time and patience to go through and salvage. from you i would love some ideas and uses for such teeny bits. i imagine fabric covered buttons, doll quilts, fabric sewn on cards… please share your ideas and i’ll draw a name from the comments by Sunday July 24th.IMG_7682mixed bits.jpg

IMG_7691mixed bits.jpg

natural linens

sewing | Sunday, July 17th, 2011

time in the studio is sporadic and not always efficient partly due to a teetering near toddler getting into all and many things and partly due to it being summer time when i feel guilty staying indoors to sew. never the less my now 7 year old boy is getting some of those promised birthday pants. i’ve been making the same style for him for years now. what can i say? it works well for him. i’m mixing it up ever so slightly; widening some legs, deepening the pockets, adding surprise linings and double stitching. i really wish i did have more time for these. i was hoping to have extras for the shop. soon and eventually though it will be a very limited selection – perhaps just a few pairs.


bamboo herringbone – a wide leg variation of the flat front pants i usually sew for him. i have to say that he and i both are loving the new deeper pockets inspired here.

bamboo herringbone

the bum pocket was sort of an accident. i had planned on using that JD herringbone as front pockets but i got carried away and cut a whole new pair of pants from it leaving only enough for the wee bum pocket. i love it. wow these turned out long – gotta roll those up.

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straight leg seersuckers. i love this dark seersucker. at first i wondered if it wouldn’t be too dark for a seemingly sunny weather kind of fabric but as it turns out the darker color suits cloudy Vancouver. i’m making these plenty long with lots of room for cuffs to be turned down after some inevitable rapid growth.

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surprise pocket lining.

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double stitching all around. love that!

my favorite of his seersuckers

blues at his request and a whole lot of linen love;

now he likes blue

still in the works;

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various flat front pockets

grass stained linen wide legs;

grass stained

straight leg version (in the shop);

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long shorts;

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there are other pairs in various stages that i get to work on here and there. i love clothing my boys. x.

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