dressing up

brothers,celebrations,playful,seasons | Friday, October 28th, 2011

This time last year Little A was already anticipating the next Hallow’s Eve thinking he and his brother might be frog and toad. A couple months ago he thought maybe they’d be Peter Pan and TinkerBell…..while we’re not so organized as last year’s Suessical i think we’ll be a sweet trio of trick or treaters as a vegetarian candy eating dragon, a teething kitten and a big horned sheep. i do much prefer this spontaneity and less characterized dress up and i’m super happy to only have to pull out the tickle trunk and not the sewing machine.

dressing up


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on the hunt for candy;

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at least my head will be super warm;

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a more random trio…

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than last year’s Suessical;

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seed project

This has been a project in the works over the past 2 years beginning with intention, random gathering and finally sorting and labeling. We’ve gathered from our own experimental garden, from Grandma P’s garden in the Okanagan and from the Community Gardens. Some of the seeds we know well and others we look forward to their surprise when they sprout and grow. We have several sets that we have made as gifts for special friends near and far who we think will enjoy such things as we do.

seed project

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mystery seeds


seed project

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kcwc day 5

creative community,sewing | Friday, October 14th, 2011

First off, i did not sew 3 new pairs of pants today but i did put in my time for the challenge to finally finish them all off. They mostly needed waistbands and hemming. These were all meant to be part of Little A’s summer stash of pants but my intentions were greater than the time available. Thank goodness for Elsie’s inspiration to get things done!

faux herringbone and pears

the JD faux herringbone with pear pockets;

IMG_1282JD herringbone.jpg

the wide leg, real deal, bamboo herringbone with polka dots;

wide leg bamboo herringbone

light and grey seersuckers with surprise pinwheel pocket linings;

IMG_1295straightleg seersuckers.jpg

pinwheel pocket lining

in use;


As with many and most of Little A’s pants i find myself eventually reinforcing the knees. i really should just always assume that i’ll be doing it anyways and add knee patches to the original garment. These blue seersuckers are my current favorite pants in his wardrobe. love them;

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These black robot cords have been a long time in the pile up, in fact the same pile up that i tackled during last year’s kcwc.  i actually finally finished them a little while back. They fit 5yrs so neither of my boys. Still it’s good to have them done.

black cord robot pockets

kcwc day 4

creative community,sewing,woolens | Friday, October 14th, 2011

With Little A at school and Little M down for what is a seemingly shorter and shorter nap i did have a little porch time for some coffee, toast, sun and knitting;

coffee toast sun & knitting

I had plans for Meg’s basic pocket pant pattern but i’m putting them off for now – sometimes there are just too many ideas in the pile up. i think this is my favorite pattern in the book though and eventually i will make the little one some pocket pants and adapt the pattern to fit my 7 year old too. Those are some denims in the stash underneath;

sew liberated

I thought you’d all get a kick out of the little one dressing big in his “papa-like” hat and new winter woolen pants;


dressing big

KCWC day 3

creative community,sewing,woolens | Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

The cashmere sweater itself is small and worn but “it’s like wearing a bunny” so it was worthwhile to rescue the tattered elbows using Stephanie’s elbow patch idea from 3191 quarterly. I cut a smaller oval than what she offers in her Autumn 2010 issue and I chose a soft and not to thick melton cloth from my scrap basket and hand stitched with grey embroidery floss. Simple, quick, stylish, functional and met with Little A’s approval.

IMG_1187cashmere and melton cloth.jpg

A ok!


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