seasons | Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

some days;

um good morning

some nights;

sometime around midnight

we are feeling the chill and grateful for the clear skies when we get them;

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it’s a good time for longish hair;

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but if you haven’t much it’s a good time for hats too – we’re shifting from bamboo to merino;

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this was meant to be my hat but in modifying the meathead pattern i made it too small. it’s so soft Little M has taken a liking to it. it just might have to be his snow cap.

merino snowcap

merino snow cap

we’ve been spending ample time indoors. stashing things “up high” on my bed and playing with some prized items while brother is away at school;

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a rainy saturday afternoon in gastown with so many great little spots, shots and shops.

a rainy saturday afternoon


sunday milkshake date;

my milkshake date

seasonal crafting – amongst other needle felting projects is his “fourness” which i sort of hope he gifts to me – i love it;


the advent elves begin their work tonight, surprising the little ones with their first gift from the underworld – a geode crystal and carnelian stone.

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oh November is fast in anticipation of December but it’s hard not to hold fast, willing time to slow.

first light of advent

celebrations,waldorf learning and living | Monday, November 28th, 2011

Yesterday was our advent spiral at the school; the room was dark with a pillar beeswax candle lit at the center of a spiral path. Parents gathered as music from the harp cued and held a quiet space.  The children came singing/humming (or mouthing the words as was the choice of my child) from the across the courtyard, into the hall where to find their seats. ‘Reverence’ is the word that comes to mind as we all held the space for each child walking inward with their apple candle to light and i have to say that the pause of the harp at this moment matched the pause in my own breath as i watched each child’s candle light from the pillar candle and then sweet relief as the flame grew and the harpist strummed again as each child journeyed out again.  i know many of these children really well, better than i know their folks because i spent so much time helping out in the preschool over the past years. My heart fluttered with excitement and pride for each of them as they walked the spiral with confidence. I was so impressed with all 26 of the children each taking their turn and also patiently waiting through the turns of their friends. It was pretty awesome.

first light of advent

Advent is a newish experience for me and in the past few years it has become a time of absolute magic with all the candles and stories and special activities. Rather than building up to the big Christmas day we have a little bit of magic each day all month and then Christmas just comes and goes a little more smoothly than ever i recall as a child and teen. We’re not sure how the elves work now that there are 2 little ones in our home. i can’t imagine they bring 2 separate gifts each day so we will try our best to be grateful and giving and patient and happy however they choose to surprise us. We’re going on 4 years with these little gift sacks;

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With this first light of Advent,

we give thanks to the stones.

To the shells and the sand,

to the crystals and bones.

Bless the strength

and support they provide,

holding us steady

on our foundation outside.

Bless their beauty

and inner light.

Illuminating our lives

                                                               in the darkest of nights.

woodland and wool

shop | Saturday, November 26th, 2011

more in the shop.

Felt Pinecone Decoration

deer mitts – 4-6yrs;

Woolen Deer Mitts - 4-6yrs

Wool Felt Crown - Squirrel and Oak Leaf

fun cotton canvas prints lined with wool, folds over and ties with a woolen finger knit chain to keep crayons secure;

Crayon Roll - Red Squirrels

updating the shop

shop | Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

wow it is time consuming to photograph unique items for the shop but i’m getting there. i’ve listed some of the pants 18-24mos and there are a couple left including the sweet teepee bum. i still have some size 2yrs to photograph, hopefully in the next few days and including some in pink! those ought to look sweet on my boy.

Winter Quick Change Trousers - Teepee and Dandelion 18-24mos

another pair to show the generous length. this is the 18-24 mos size and on my 18 month old i think he could be wearing these at least another full year;

green and turquoise Quick Change Trousers - 18-24mos

indeed i do have several felt pinecones left. i’m unsure how to quote shipping fees for these so bare with me. You will be refunded any significant amount overpaid;

felt pinecone decorations

felt pinecone decorations

the gathering baskets were a hit.  

Fabric Basket - Grey Leaves

something more practical for the stocking this year – for sneezing in style. check the shop for various prints;

Tissue Hugger - Pink

for colorful diy folk –  handy and beautiful 4 page wool felt books to safely store your needles, spare buttons, a few pins…also convenient to pre-thread some needles with your frequently used colors. or make your own – i have a very small amount of wool felt left which i may list in bundles should i find the time to do so. the next order won’t be until Feb/Mar 2012;

wool felt needle book

some other rainbows – very similar but not exact to the rainbow bunting flags photographed below.

Rainbow Bunting Flags

more to come; quilted scarves, hand clutch purses, crayon rolls, crowns, a few knits…

VWS Christmas Fair

oh it was fun! Little A had a fantastic time showing his Auntie, Uncle J and Grandma P his classroom and school. He popped into the market place now and then to deliver me a candy apple, have me store a cookie from the cookie house, his sword from woodworking, wreath, candle… i was able to leave my table space and finally see the gnome village with him after hearing about it for the 2nd year now. it was totally worth going through 3 times!

No Caption

In the market place – Andreas’ gnomes and felted lampshades;

No Caption

gathering baskets and nature gifts;

No Caption

Gwen‘s feather ornaments;

IMG_2198gwen's feather ornaments.jpg

Tina‘s sweet loves;

IMG_2191tina's sweet loves.jpg

Little Red Caboose with One of a Handful;

No Caption

Anna’s Santa hats;

No Caption

it was such peace of mind to be able to do my thing and know that Little A was in good hands and enjoying. i think the ‘littlest A’ may have found a new school to grow into too;

No Caption

No Caption

(telling me about the crank gnome as seen in the first photo);

No Caption

No Caption

and a great big apology because some of you did come and introduce yourselves and i completely spaced out my offer of 10% off. aii. i’m so sorry. i guess next time i should have something printable so things are less awkward.

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