march 2012

brothers,day to day,seasons | Saturday, March 31st, 2012

Good things include coffee and croissant before one begins a month of healthier eating habits along with chamomile lavender tea in a silk sachet;

IMG_6588marche st george.jpg

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back alley boys;

back alley

walking blocks


Sunday late lunch;

sunday lunch

Tuesday breakfast and new place mats for Spring;

tuesday breakfast

Wednesday pizza baking;

baker man

impromptu snack to appease swaying moods;

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Olympic Village playground;

new to us playspace

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Sharing indoor play space for sound garden experiences, “kids on the bus” and more quiet play each at their own desk;

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first ever tattoos;

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Little M is pretty great about getting ready to go outside. He knows he needs socks and boots and coat and hat and he is mostly patient letting me help him get ready. Some days he is particular about which pair of socks or which sweater or which hat and some days he insists on wearing his bike helmet for a hat;

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the brighter mornings and evenings beckon us out a little more – sometimes even for a quick fresh air and sun fix around the hood to try out the various neighborhood swings;

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sunny swingy sunday

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baby A – happiest gal that ever there was;

may i interrupt this photo stream...

happy birthday

celebrations,family | Thursday, March 29th, 2012

to my mama who is 74 today.

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it just so happens she is passing through from minding one daughter’s children,

to resting at another daughter’s,

and now visiting with us before carrying on back to the Okanagan to tend to her Spring gardening.  She’s always tending, giving of herself and saying yes with absolute belief and commitment. We love her so;

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out for Thai. just me and my mom. catching up like we used to;

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Just a few days ago i received in the post my copy of the inaugral taproot soil issue. There are so many wonderful words and considerations and with a sweet summary; “Bloom where you are planted, she would’ve said. And so i dig in.” The whole issue makes me think of my mom and so i resolved to pass it forward and as a last minute gift (this morning about 2am) i followed Maya’s tutorial (in the issue) for a garden trug using a reclaimed coffee bag from Alistair’s recent roasting endeavors. Add some heirloom tomato seeds, snap peas, walla walla onions and other favorites and we’ll all be harvesting favorites at Grandma’s house later in Summer….

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hand in hand

artful projects,creative community,gifting | Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Thank you for the kind comments from my last post. I’m between recovery and a few steps back with symptoms swaying pendulum like.

That’s it for my complaining now as i have more interesting things to share; feeling exposed and humbled, i was going to let news trickle out but i’ve decided to embrace the great learning experience that comes from my first book contribution alongside 19 other inspiring and creative mamas; Nicole Spring of Frontier Dreams, Carly Schwerdt of Nest Studio, Maya Donenfeld of Mayamade, Samantha Cotterill/ mummysam, Amanda Blake Soule/ Soulemama, Kristin Zecchinelli/Mainemomma…that’s a lot of mummy, mama, momma and there’s more! Thanks to Jenny Doh for the opportunity and to her team for colorfully bringing it altogether.

Hand in Hand:: Crafting with Kids is available here to pre-order and available in book stores April 01st.

hand in hand:: a giveaway

admiring a favorite project. Both boys were very excited to see us in the pages but i’m not sure Little M recognizes himself. He just points out mama, brother and baby;

admiring a favorite project

color inspiration;

color inspiration

wet felting;

felting hands

follow other instructions in the book and voila;

nature corner

make plenty for Spring nature table displays and gifts;

project felt flower bowls

Little A and i would like to gift one of our Felt Flower Bowls along with a copy of Hand in Hand. Leave us a comment and let us know what are your current or go-to favorite craft projects to work on hand in hand together. We’ll choose a name by number order of comments on Sunday evening April 01st. (will post winner on Monday)

and our chosen person by number  is Kate (#42) who said;

“Oh how lovely, congratulations! Right now my older son (age 3) and I are doing a lot of paper mache and he also likes to pretend to knit when I am. Isn’t thrilling to see our little ones creativity come out?

I can’t wait to see the book!”

Thanks for all of your comments and creative project ideas with your own kids. Kate, please let me know your mailing address.


breathe easy

oooh it’s been a long few weeks. For those of you familiar with the ‘love your liver‘ post i must admit that i’ve taken a slight detour from Liver to Lungs. I have been coughing for most of the month and i am seriously wiped out. I’m finding it more difficult to keep on keepin’ on and i’ve given in to complaining – when people ask me how i am i’m telling the truth; yesterday my ribs felt bruised, today i’m weary and it didn’t help that Little M decided not to nap… today’s accomplishments were few and i think the best part of it was the 15 minutes or so captured here (before the 2nd overtired meltdown of the day);

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out front

A new discovery for me during this time of extensive coughing is the common Osha root. i’ve known it as lovage and i’ve grown it out of curiosity but never used it until now. It is antimicrobial and really helped loosen some of the fullness i was feeling in my chest.


little leprechauns are at play in our home today;

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i hope they have good fun while i am away seeking and selling rainbows at the VWS Spring Market (today!!);




Rainbow Bunting Flags

Virpi Iverson;

One of a Handful;

fairy skirt head


Yana Bordon;

lady Spring and flower children from Beni;


Lena Lee;

Reg Down’s new book available at the Red Door School Store which will also be open;

Spring bulbs for the vendors;

IMG_7389spring bulbs.jpg

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